Earthing sheets

Anyone on here had any experience of earthing sheets? Been seeing a lot of ads for them lately (thanks Facebook!) so I’ve been doing a bit of reading up on them. The claims seem a bit fanciful but who knows…?

I’ve read several accounts of how earthing bags (similar to sleeping bags) were developed for and “used by Tour de France cyclists” to aid recovery between stages (without any of the articles naming which riders or teams actually used them).

Any thoughts, experience, etc on earthing sheets?

Maybe there’s something to the whole concept, but bed sheets has to be one of the more expensive ways to get into it. And how do you know it’s still “working” after a few washes? There’s cheaper ways to dabble with grounding (eg, wrist strap during the day while watching tv or sitting at your desk/computer; or during a 2hr TR workout :sweat_smile:). I suspect little difference will be found.

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