Do you wear a jersey inside?

About to start tr with a ramp test today. I have never worn a jersey indoors because i never used a fan. I never realized the importance of a fan on power output and of course without one I would get hot as sh!t and upset how little power i could produce inside vs outside.
Anyway, my lasko fan came from amazon and im ready to go.
Will i be too cold or chilled without a jersey?
How many people use a powerful fan without a jersey?

I’ll be in a room probably around 17C or 62F


I’m training in normally ~40°F/50°F so I start out with a zip-up jacket with two fans going.

After the warmup, before the first interval, off with the jacket and normally just a base layer underneath.


I do for the simple fact that it stops sweat from dripping everywhere.


My basement is about 65F. I use two of these fans. Rarely I’ll start with a light t-shirt, but most days it’s just bibs or shorts, no socks.


I don’t wear anything on my torso except for the bib straps. I find that I’m not really chilled even with three fans going and that taking full advantage of evaporative cooling by having no top on, makes everything more bearable.


I’d be naked if it didn’t hurt so much.

To answer the question tho, no. Don’t have a need for one.




I don’t wear a jersey inside unless I’m doing a workout right after a commute. Usually start the workout with a shirt or sometimes a shirt & a sweater…then remove layers as the workout requires.


Always used jerseys on the trainer until about 2 years ago…mostly for moisture management, as much as any thing else.

Two years ago I switched to technical t-shirts and won’t go back to jerseys. Still get the moisture management, but significantly cooler due to looser fit.

Do still kinda miss jersey pockets though for longer sessions…


Once full on winter sets in, it’s cool enough in my basement that a jersey makes things more comfortable, especially for the first 10 minutes or so.

Also - get a remote plug for the fan so you can turn easily it on after you’re warmed up. This one is only $12 and its a game changer in a cool/cold room.


That’s brilliant. Seriously, I’m about to go order one right now.

For the jersey question, I keep my fan on high from the start, but will usually put on a tshirt or something for the first few minutes. Once I’m warm, it’s just bibs.

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Just bib shorts for me, no top at all. That’s with garage side door wide open and 2 fans going - regardless of weather


Can’t take credit -Nate and crew raved about the remote on an early podcast.

I have two fans with remote plugs which lets me gradually get to full fanness as I get warm. Great in a cold basement!


I do wear a jersey. Phone goes in the back pocket with headphone cord running to my ears. I also keep emergency gels in there. I also sweat a lot so a jersey helps keep it off my bike to some extent.

I’ve never tried going topless on the trainer, but after reading this I might give it a try. I have bluetooth headphones as well, so the jersey isn’t 100% necessary.


Wow, I’m surprised the number of people using jersey pockets, surely its easier to jury rig some makeshift shelf or whatever for gels, phones etc


I’ve never worn a jersey. I usually tuck the bib straps into the waist of the bibs. A jersey might help with sweat but i find that it drips off my chin onto my bike more than off my torso.

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Yep, I wear a jersey. For me it’s part of the ride ritual which in turn, helps gets my mind focused.


I’ll typically wear a jersey and then take it off after the first interval.

Not a good plan for the ramp test. If your cooling is good, no shirt might be too chilly until the power ramps up a little bit. Fans on a remote would fix that. Ramp test is also short enough that I don’t heat up too much with the jersey. (Alternately, you can just be cold during the warmup.)

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No Jersey, just added laundry. I have a shelf, and a fan. I use towels for keep sweat off the bike (and treadmill). Towels gets washed once a week with the training room bib and running shorts.


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Nope just bibs and a towel close by and a fan