The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users?

I just saw this thread and I can shed some light on it :slight_smile:. Remember, this data is for SELF REPORTED FTP and Weight. I suspect this can be a lot more accurate if we threw out FTPs where people can’t complete workouts and we suck in weights daily from scales.

So I imagine this is a little over reported.

FTP/kg Buckets for Men

FTP/kg Buckets for Women

Other insights

The average women on TR is about .25 watt/kg lower than the average man.

Only about 7% of users are at or above 4 watt/kg (seriously good cyclists, probably top local tier, Kona qualifiers).

Less than 1% are above 5 watt/kg (the true elite, national champs and pros. Even lots of specialty pros (like sprinters) aren’t above 5 watts/kg)

As you can see it really starts to drop off quickly after 3.25 watts/kg. Every bit you can gain after that you’re become more and more on the pointy end of things. Combine that with good race tactics and race specific training and you can do really really well.