Male cyclists, how much do you weigh?

Agreed, they are fairly pointless.


best to do w/kg now no? :rofl:

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You missed the wink

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Amen. Comparing weight. Comparing W/kg. Comparing whatever.

In the words of Assos, Sponsor Yourself™


A sports nutritionist once told me if you have to restrict food to stay at some “race weight” it’s probably not your race weight. I agree that worrying about weight and comparing isn’t healthy, also if you’re overweight it’s okay body’s change. Just do your best being the best you can, everything else doesn’t matter.

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Here’s the OG thread on the bell curve of TR users. It’s W/kg and remember that these numbers are self reported so I’m sure power skews high and weight skews low.

That’s why we should compare ftp by height (squared) (weight is correlated linearly with height squared and ftp limearly with weight so ftp is correlated linearly with height) so us non pros can keep a healthy weight but still see how we match up

Or just compare your power with yourself. No one else has your same height, weight, genetics, training schedule, training history, will power, nutrition, etc etc. So just try your best to improve these variables as best as you can and try to keep improving relative to yourself.

In rides and races no single variable will be able predict performance so it’s not usually worth comparing yourself too much to others.

Plus while height, weight, and FTP will correlate on a population scale, those metrics do pretty poorly on an individual basis. That why BMI is a pretty bad indicator of health for individuals. The Standard Deviations are just too big.


I kind of disagree. Most humans are getting bigger and bigger (fatter and fatter) and in the interest of not “shaming” people we don’t say anything about it.

I guarantee the best riders in the world are watching their caloric intake during race season and probably during other seasons as well. They don’t eat whatever they want. Losing fat off your body will make you faster if you do it correctly, and you lose fat by restricting calories.


I’m the OP. I apologize for those offended by my post, it was certainly not meant to offend anyone. As for comparing your weight with another, I think it’s fine if you want to and it’s fine if you don’t want to compare.

On a personal level I’m in the process of losing weight and I was curious to see the weight distribution of male cyclists, and I think that’s OK. What you do with that information is up to you and I think that’s OK too.

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I don’t think the poll will be useful without height and age groups.

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This lacks Height

6’5" or in the correct metric 196cm


Tall and lean!

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He’s been there… done that in Feb:

Another from a different user:

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I’m currently 175 lbs and standing at 6”3 to 6”4ish. I can get down to the low 150s if I want to but I like the power I can push when I’m heavier and recovery is way easier to achieve when I’m heavier.

I’m sure for most weight is just an out come rather than a target of the amount of training you are doing.

I need it converted to stones :grinning:

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Healthy at 95kg, 186cm. Could probably stand to loose 5-10kg, but I like cake and beer too much :smiley:

71Kg, 174cm. Pretty much where I want to be. Sure, I could lose 5kg if I really wanted to… but there are no mountains in the Netherlands anyway :rofl:. I like cake too.

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My theory is that it is the cake/beer that gives me a good sprint :wink:

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I’m 5’11" (181cm), and I currently hover between 200-204 lbs (~91kg). If I had to make a comparison to body types, my guess is that me and Pete would look pretty similar standing next to each other. Obviously, the similarities would end there…neither my hair nor my wattage are as glorious. However, I’ve always had tree-trunk legs, larger shoulders/arms, and I can move a decent amount of weight in the gym. I could afford to lose some extra baggage around the mid section, but otherwise I’m probably never going to be lower than 180-185 lbs, unless I start losing muscle mass.

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