Technogym Skillbike TrainerRoad Compatibility

Does anyone know if the new Technogym Skillbike ( will be compatible with TR? My gym is getting a load soon and they look great but appear to be closed system or Zwift only. Surely if it can send Bluetooth data to Zwift then TR can pick up the same outputs?!

The website also says you can track with your Garmin so it must be transmitting ant+ to enable that.

Anyone had any success using the Technogym Skillbike with TR. The gym I use has replaced the Wattbikes with Technogym Skillbikes - I’ve pointed out the error of their ways.

What connection devices & method(s) have you tried?

Edit to add from Google search: According to this report:

  • “TechnoGym supports Zwift via Bluetooth only. Basically, you can’t use it using ANT+ FE-C protocols if you run Zwift on a Windows PC for example. Also, without ANT+ FE-C support or Bluetooth FTMS, you are limited to only using their system for all your training or Zwift on iOS.”
  • “TechnoGym seems to be following the same model with the SKILLBIKE. You will be limited to using their own training app or Zwift via Bluetooth only. Using other applications such as TrainerRoad or The Sufferfest isn’t going to work.

Thanks for that.
Was trying to use it with my Android mobile.

BTW their App is rubbish, as far as I can tell, cannot compare to TR.

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Hi @JWP1969,

I’ve been using TR on them for a while now as my gym also switched out the wattbikes for skillbikes. It is possible to connect them on Android BUT they don’t send cadence for some reason, not even on Zwift - although that could have been because they weren’t set up properly.

The steps are:

  • Create an account with mywellness and log in on the bike you want to use (you can use NFC for this as long as your phone is unlocked)
  • Then open TR and before you link any other devices (like your HR monitor) you need to search for the skillbike in the TR devices section. They will usually show as “BIKE2334” or something along those lines.
  • Select the bike you want to connect to and the screen on the skillbike should say “Zwift is trying to connect, accept? YES / NO” - hit YES and away you go.

HOWEVER, it is quite buggy and sometimes you need a bit of patience to get the skillbike to show in your list of devices on TR. Sometimes starting to pedal until the quick start sessions starts, and then stopping until the sessions ends seems to kick-start the Bluetooth connection.

Also, my gym removed them from the WI-FI connection, and couldn’t be bothered to hard wire them which meant I could no longer log-in to mywellness, which meant no connecting the bikes to TR. So I just used TR as a target power and hit that on the bike, linking my HR monitor only to TR. The problem with that is that none of your power data syncs and you have to add the TSS manually afterwards by adding a ride, with the length of time and TSS etc.

I actually quite like the skillbikes, and if they’re new they should be well calibrated, as opposed to old wattbikes that haven’t been serviced for 100 years. There are some issues though:

  • The ‘real gears’ are actually quite annoying because the jump up is quite steep, and without ERG mode (which doesn’t seem to work) one gear is often too high a cadence for one power target, and the other gear is too low a cadence.
  • There is a BIG lag in the time it takes for the bigger gear to kick in - so if you’re doing sprints you’ll hit up a gear and then there’s a 10-15 second lag as the resistance cranks up and you end up hitting your power target by the time the sprint has finished
  • No ERG mode (at least it hasn’t worked for me)
  • No cadence data pushed to external devices
  • Pedal stroke mapping is a bit light on if that’s something you like to use. It only really gives you an indication of which leg is pushing the most, as opposed to wattbike’s 360degs circular mapping view.

Hope that helps.



Many thanks for that. Will give it a go next time i’m there.

Just rode the Technogym bike in Portugal and really liked the feel of the bike. Couldn’t figure out how to connect TR (or my Bolt or HR strap). But did do their ftp test. Really liked seeing the left/right power balance. Now I know why my stages left pm is reading so high!! Do any of the trainers do L/R balance readings?

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Some do but usually limited to their own apps like the Drivo. However Tacx neo 2 yesterday updated their firmware and now broadcasts L/R to Garmin Edge devices

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Thanks for the update and I really like your channel!


Hey, did you find a way to configure the different gears? I’ve tried it for the first time today and gear 5 was 150w and gear 6 250w. I had to play massively with the cadence but that’s still quite a jump!

I’ve tried setting my ftp now in the wellness app to see if the gear configuration is different.

Also I assume you still didn’t manage to find a way to make erg mode work? There was a guy next to me on swift and erg was definitely on…

Hey Jonathan, and welcome to the forum!

I’ve since quit my gym membership and have invested in a direct drive trainer so I don’t know if there has been any progress in the last 4 months. That said, I don’t think the gear ratio can ever be changed, and ERG is really the only way to overcome the massive gear ratio changes.

In terms of Zwift, it wouldn’t surprise me if ERG was working because Technogym list them as an authorised partner. My guess is that TrainerRoad isn’t, and therefore is not yet compatible with ERG. Both parties will probably need to do some work to ensure compatibility.

If enough people request it then perhaps that work will get done.

Hope that helps in some way.


Thanks for the prompt answer!

I’ll continue to investigate and report back if I find anything new!

Any plans to have compatibility with these smart trainers -

Thanks for the merge. I’d read this thread but thought the turbo may be different to the gym bikes.

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It is possible to be different, but I suspect the setup (and any limitations) are closely linked. I guess we can re-split them, but there aren’t many TG users, so I figured it was best to keep it together for now.

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Sounds exhausting but you could build a custom workout in zwift so that you can still do the workout?

Or as @Nate_Pearson has stated in the past just change out the pedals. I am sure gym staff won’t notice your wrench set.

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Maybe possible but I don’t use Zwift and it is in my cellar.
I’ll have a play around but it’s not that important. I just spent hours trying to get a Kickr to work that was a blown unit!

Interesting that TR picked up the turbo immediately last night with my Vectors and HRM at the same time. It had power readings but no ERG as stated above.

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