TB HV III Plan Progression Question

thursday workouts

week one
tray mountain 103 tss 3x20 at 90% rest 5
week two
spruce knob 94 tss 2x30 at 85% rest 6
week three
round bald 93 tss 3x20 at 85% rest 5

did tray mountain this morning and it was tough. started looking ahead to see how much tougher it was going to get the next couple weeks and noticed that thursdays maybe get a little easier. all tough of course. but i expect them to at least get a little easier especially with increased fitness also. wednesday and friday workouts dont change.

just curious whats the logic for this?

You’re progressing in time as well from week one to week three. Your other workouts are also slightly harder. There is progression in your Saturday workouts from Week 1-3, and your Monday workouts from Week 1-4. That would be my best guess.


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