Taxc Bushido Issues...Poor me

It seems I have a common problem. I bought a Tacx Bushindo from a friend.
It works great with the Taxc app, but is not recognised on Zwift.
Have tried a few other platforms but doesn’t seem to work there either.

Any advice on how I can get Zwift to recognise my Tacx Bushindo, because I also want to ride online…Poor me, Poor me

Make sure the Tacx app is closed and not connected to your trainer when you try to pair with zwift. The bluetooth connection may be in use, which may be why it isn’t picked up by Zwift.


Will give it a go, thank you

It took me a year to figure why I couldn’t switch back and forth between my iphone and ipad when using my Tacx. :slight_smile:

You may also have to disconnect the trainer from your phone in the bluetooth menu even if the Tacx app isn’t running.

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Yeah, I am just using my iPhone with a ANT+ connection. It doesn’t work without it. It seems I will have to try lots of permutations.

FWIW, I always connected my Tacx via bluetooth to my phone or ipad. I would connect it simultaneously to my Garmin via Ant+ to record the rides and get an autoupload to Strava.

I’ll absolutely give that a go, see if it will connect with just my bluetooth