Tacx bushido from T1981 to T2780


Owning a tacx Bushido T1981, I am unable to get it to work with Zwift.
Having researched the reason on various discussions, Indeed this “old” model is not compatible (ANT +), I need the T2780 bushido.
My tacx Bushido being still brand new, I am wondering:

  • Is it possible by removing the motor to replace the card?
    At first view, these 2 models are identical. the bearing-motor block doesn’t change, I think it’s just the electronics that’s different.
    Have other people already made this change?
    Thanks in advance

What you are suggesting may be possible (I have no real idea in this case), but the likely reality is that the cost and hassle involved would not be worth it compared to just getting a different trainer. You could start by contacting Tacx and see if they would even offer the parts in question, and how much they would cost.

I was thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:
I’m afraid that the price of this card is as expensive as a new bushido :frowning:
The worst part is that it’s just an extra component on the card.
I raised the question to tacx: I will see thier answer.
Thank a lot

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