I am unable to pair my Tacx Neo 2T

I am unable to pair my Tacx Neo 2T

Not much info to offer help here. We will need more info about what you ha e tried and what device you are using.

Have you contacted support@trainerroad.com for any help?

:point_up: Chad is right! Best protocol is always to contact support@trainerroad.com. They can see the full scope of your devices to offer accurate troubleshooting.

Thanks. I was able to do it finally after switching off both the app and the trainer.

The neo only pairs to one application via Bluetooth at a time. The tacx app is particularly clingy on iOS, so force quit that.


I’m having issue with this as well. I just got a Neo 2 and was able to pair it to the app and then to my apple TV and ride on Zw&t with it. Tried in vain all night to get it to work on TR but could not… I’ll try and switching off the app.
Miss that easy get-on-and-ride-TR that i had with my kickr…hopefully I can figure out the path and get that back

Have you tried closing the Zwift app on Apple TV? I think the Neo may have single channel Bluetooth while the KICKR can pair Bluetooth over multiple channels.

Pleeeeeaaaase check in with support@trainerroad.com.
Troubleshooting steps evolve along with firmware updates that may be needed, any settings or tips that may be made aware of more recently, the support team is full of pros on these matters and can definitely help mitigate those issues and get you to that ‘get on and ride’ state with TrainerRoad!

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