Tarmac SL7 Release date

Upgrades: SRAM Red power meter crank, and Enve 5.6 disc wheels (tubeless Pirelli Cinturato 26c with 40ml Orange Seal).

The crank upgrade cut roughly 0.5 to 0.7 pounds:

Source: SRAM Rival AXS review: This is the wireless setup you’ve been waiting for - CyclingTips

No idea about the wheels, but likely cut some weight there too.

After visiting the fitter I’ll put the Enve aero handlebars on.

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Great! I got the Expert – same carbon as the pro – I already had the CL50 Roval wheelset. Waiting on the Rapide aero handlebars. The bike is tanstastic! My setup comes just at 8kg. Favero pedals are heavy. :grinning:

Mine is at 8.4kg / 18.5lbs :biking_man:

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hmmm seems a bit chonky
I’m not trying to start a weight weenie competition but my allez is 16.1 for reference with pedals and cages. And I don’t think I have more than $4500 in it.
But mines all mechanincal


Nothing fancy. Some alloy 30 or 32mm I think. Cosine is wiggles old shop brand. Paid $300 from someone on Slowtwitch :wink:

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yeah I really don’t care about bike weight, posting weight for those that do.


yeah I;ve been wanting a SL7 since they were rumored. Love that blue and silver coloe. Even have a pair of polished wheels picked out for it. :drooling_face:


Ended my first week with the SL7 by doing a ride in the mountains. Simply blown away by this bike :heart_eyes: and it has been miles of smiles :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There they are:

Little upsetting.

EU: €4,999
GB: 4,750 Pound Sterling
US: $5,999 (unconfirmed, as high as 6,499 according to another source)
AU: $8,699

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My 2020 SL6 comp di2 and enve 5.6 disc are an amazing pair. Love it everytime I ride it. Was back at my parents and brother wants to buy it from me when/if I get an Sworks SL7. Told him ok but I am keeping the wheels.

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$6000 for a frameset… nah.


Yesterday in the mountains I ran the wide 32mm external Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V wheels with Conti 5000 TL 32c tires. This is the width of tires inflated, tubeless with Vitoria Air-Liners:

About 34.5mm and I still have about 5mm of clearance on both sides of the chainstays. I’ve got a gravel event coming up, and by ‘gravel’ i mean dirt roads with a small amount of loose rock. These wheels should be a great all-around set especially on some of the fast windy descents in canyons that we have out here in Cali.


New “Speed of Light” collection includes a new Tarmac SL7 color/set-up, if you have 15K (!!!) burning a hole in your pocket.

Speed of Light - Tarmac SL7


I would get upset but now there are just two reasons that I can’t get it. Hope it makes someone happy.

Fortunately it’s completely not my style because then I would be sad that I have made many bad life choices and not having 15k usd for a bike.

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Only if they had di2 and was in stock? Haha kidding… sort of

Thank you for not wanting Comp Rival because two weeks ago I needed a bike and in stock for the win. Best/only win of my season :rofl:

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As salty as I am about limited stock I managed to find a Comp Diverge in my size. Gravel gang apparently.

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My sales dude at Mikes Bikes showed up on his Diverge to taunt me. That one is MIA and gotta be honest this SL7 is rocking my world so thats just all right by me.

Edit: incoming 12-speed Di2 so your excuses are running out

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