2021 Venge...is it round the corner?

With the spy shots of the SL7 Tarmac. When do we think we will see the 2021 Venge, or will we?

Now the Tarmac has been merged with the Venge front a little? I am dying to get my eyes on the new Venge!

IIRC the Venge is usually a year behind the Tarmac, so I don’t think you’ll see a new frame in 2021.

Seems like the current model is pretty successful as well, so it might be even longer than normal.,

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interesting…what about new stock? UK currently has close to no stock. Might have to get the new Tarmac.

New stock will probably be end July/August for the US. Not sure about UK.

I think the same people that make the Tarmac make the Venge too, so it makes sense that the team goes back and forth.

But what if the new Tarmac is as aero as the current Venge?!?


There’s a fair bit of speculation over on WeightWeenies that the new Tarmac is aero enough that Spesh will kill off the Venge…

That would be pretty cool! I’m sure that would help with profit margin for them.

My dream is to have an XL bike aero bike with aero wheels that is 15 lbs. That’s probably a tall ask but it will happen one day. My Venge is 17.1 (I think) lbs with Enve 5.6.

When I got the Tarmac it was only .5 lbs lighter in an XL :sob:. With different cranks it was actually the same weight :sob::sob::sob:.

Jonathan laughed a lot at that.


Supposedly the difference between the current Tarmac and current Venge is about half due to the aero bar on the Venge, and half due to the frame.

At a certain point, it probably becomes a moot point to have a dedicated aero bike if the difference is so small.

@Nate_Pearson I think within a few years you’ll be able to hit the UCI minimum on an aero bike with aero wheels. With Roval’s new 1240g XC wheelset, I can imagine they probably have a matching road wheel that is stupid light also.


To throw something else in the pot, it is also rumoured that Spesh will instead introduce a whole new platform, something non-UCI legal possibly focussed wholly on weight. Heard that one less frequently though. Who’s knows @Nate_Pearson, might even be lighter than a Venge in XL :wink:

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I have heard this too. If that’s the case it would be interesting to see what the sprinters would use in the peloton.

Would cut down the cost I guess.

Having said that the SL7 does look amazing. If it is just as fast and aero, then TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Yah, I bet there aren’t many people who own an s-works venge and s-works tarmac (although there are some).

But, for them it would be so killer sell. As light as the light bikes and as aero as the aero bikes.

Pro teams could use the same bike for all stages. Customers wouldn’t have to “compromise” for one bike type.

The DREAM would be an aero build at 6.89 kgs. Not sure that is possible. Maybe if Shimano makes a new super light group set? Doesn’t sound very Shimano-y to me though.

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I was at my LBS on the weekend as I’ve been lusting over the Venge and wanted to see what they could do for me.

The answer they gave was that unless there’s one in stock in my size that I’ll be out of luck because the Venge is being discontinued. The statement was that the Tarmac is so close now, and a much better all-round bike (his words), that there’s not really a need for the Venge.

I was absolutely stunned by that statement. Maybe the SL-7 with Aerofly2 bars is only a few seconds per 40k off and that there really won’t be a need for the Venge?

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I just decided to start saving up for a 2020 Tarmac Expert Disc and they’re already coming out with a new one?! At this rate I’m going to end up buying a bike right before Shimano comes out with 12 speed…

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To be fair, after seeing the SL7 in the flesh I would be more than happy with the Tarmac.

It already looks FAST AF. It would be the better all round bike, I was looking at the BMC TeamMachine (before a Venge)…the SL7 should blow it out the water.

How did you find the position / ride difference between the two? I went with a Tarmac a few months ago but was considering a Venge originally.

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I believe the geo is the same. I noticed the tarmac felt a bit stiffer climbing and a bit better descending. Other than that I couldn’t tell a difference.


In one of the other threads I thought there were lots of people saying how the tarmac was a more comfortable bike and easier to self adjust for tweaking fit

So guess the question is, how good/smooth are your roads and how long are your rides?

Nate rides a larger sized bike. My understanding is that as you move up to the largest sizes, the Tarmac and Venge start to feel very similar.

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I guess I’ve also seen people who race no care as much about long term comfort and less bothered by handling on rough roads. (Probably helps when you put out more power so less weight is on the seat so load distribution is different)

It’ll be interesting to see if they do discontinue the venge. My guess is not this year, but I wonder if they will think twice about developing a next gen venge.

The other question that has to get answered is the pro question: assuming the Tarmac SL7 is like 10-15 seconds slower than a current venge and it’s as light as the SL6 - are you going to make your pro tour riders slower in the sprint and only offer one model?

That’s not a easy choice. Science/winning say no. You need to optimize. Probably business-wise you say yes as it reduces you overheads if having 2 bike models to support.