Venge or Tarmac

Right, I currently have a 56cm Sworks sl6 Tarmac. Recently a venge frameset has come up for sale at a good price and I need convincing that the Venge is a better option for a 85 kg person with a FTP around 330-350 when going well.
I’d be swapping all the components from my tarmac onto the venge apart from bars, so I’d be staying with the clx50s for now.

The races I do are mainly flat but have the occasional hilly races.

Convince me. Haha.

There is your answer :wink:


Even uphill, on average an aero bike will be faster. Plus, the Venge looks the business. What are you waiting for?

How was that?


Good, just the answers I needed. :rofl:

The last thing we need down here is you going any faster…

As a heavier rider myself getting a venge was a no brainer.
It’s been long established that lighter bikes make a bigger difference for lighter riders.
And when you races are mainly flat than there’s no contest anyways.

I’ll just throw it out there but unless you are getting a great deal on the venge frame you could wait for the much hyped sl7 release later this year and see whether spec outdid themselves with the new tarmac.

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Haha, I know and that frame set has sold. You’d fit straight onto my Tarmac frame though cheap. :ok_hand:t2:


True. It was a reasonable deal. Maybe your right though and I should wait. Do you think they will release a SL7 this year though?

The guys over ar weightweenies are fairly sure it will be launched this summer.
You never know with covid though. :laughing:

im 74kg and was deciding against the tarmac and venge…waiting for the new Specialized line to be released this summer before getting my Venge. Very excited…however very interested to see what they will do with the new Tarmac

This year they will put a “7” on the box :joy:


SL (Save Letters) :wink:

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Venge. Almost always unless you’re doing alpine stages.

Fit. Fit. Fit.

They fit differently. Aerodynamics are become secondary if your FTP drops 20% due to fit issues. Otherwise both are great frames :slight_smile:


20% is very unlikely between these bikes. We commonly see 10% in more extreme cases from road to TT. The difference here is worth noting, but unlikely to lead to anything as large as those above.

With proper components and setup, you should be able to get them very close. I doubt the stack and reach are dramatically different anyway (I can pull the charts in a bit), based on my reviews between other areo/climb/ crit bikes

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I have a Tarmac SL6 and I really like it. Definitely my favorite road bike I’ve ever owned.

I still wish I bought the Venge though :man_facepalming:


Yeah. We shouldn’t exaggerate. I’ve said that a million times.


This is not terribly different and is solved quite easily with spacer and/or stem selection. More work with the semi-integrated Venge, but very possible.

Geometry is the same between both frames. There are multiple podcasts and articles out there on this directly from specialized if you care to google.

The reason the stack number are different is that the venge has specific headset spacers that are required to be installed to route the cables appropriately thru the head tube. Once you factor those in the fit is exactly the same.


It comes down to a few things. Do you have the money to spent to upgrade? Because its also going to money to build up the Venge, get new cables, etc. Are you willing to risk doing all of this for a bike you’ve never ridden before? If you’re good with that then go for it.