Tarmac SL7 Release date

Believe it when I see it on the sales floor.

The launch is expected to be right around the corner (for the umpteenth time), and availability will be bad, so your attitude is probably right.

Anyone currently on 2x12s
Are you actually finding its usefullness over 11s?

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yes - yes

Living in the mountains I guess?
I find myself WANTING it because its new and shiny but I think I’m just adding more weight to the bike unnecessarily. I can climb any mountain around here on my 36/28 gears and stay under threshold. Now I can see the usefulness in being able to stay in z2 and not tempo on those climbs

Yes, living in Imgur Himalayas pretty much:
This is a ride someone recently did. near my home town:

On a serious note, I live in the flatlands of Northern Germany (basically the same landscape as Netherlands or southern Denmark). Here I hardly ever use the little ring.
However, I love traveling to the alps. Try doing that 3 to 4 times a year.

But I also TT a lot, and my TT bike has a 2x12 56/43 with 10-28 in the back. I never need the 10T (or the 11T for that matter), but I can spin up longer 4 or 5% slopes or short 10% kickers, yet never have large gear jumps.

I wouldn’t wanna trade in a gear, and would rather have 14 gears than 10 :man_shrugging:t2:


I live in flatland and the mountains are one hour away by bike. The 10-36 (33x36 or 35x36) gives me a little more flexibility but have done sub 3 W/kg all day climbs on 11-32 (34x32) and 11-34 (34x34).

No strong opinions here, I could roll with either SRAM 12s or Shimano 11s.

I ride Campagnolo with 52x36 and an 11-32 cassette. 12 speed would get me a 16 toothed cog. I really can’t imagine it would help. Nice to have but not essential.

I actually just moved to a new area where I never use 52x11 anymore. I could switch to a 12-32 and gain that 16. I might do that next time.

For a trip to the Alps an 11-34 might make sense and thus make 12 speed more enticing.

I have a 1x12 and have decided to convert to a 2x12. I’m going 48/35 x 10-33.

Right now my lowest gear is a 46x36 which is fine but I’m constantly in VO2 or above when I should be lower for long sustained climbs. I live in a really hilly area and just need more gearing.

Not super excited about it as I love the look and simplicity of the 1x system.

The price of bikes is too damn high!
Pretty though :drooling_face:

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That is absolutely not worth it.


2k over a normal sworks makes no sense. Now if it was the Sagan edition again like this one in a Tarmac I would think about it.

I’m waiting for the S-Works Poor Man’s edition. $3000USD.


From the description of that special edition bike - “Darkness, Light, Speed—three elements so intertwined they cannot exist without the other.”

WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??? :nauseated_face::joy:.

“Nothing in the universe moves faster than light, but before and after is constant darkness.”

Which I take it to mean that red tint paint job is out of this world!

Hmm. It’s an alloy frame? Is it Ultegra? Power meter?

It’s just marketing bull**** to shift some bikes at an overinflated price.

Alloy, rim brake, Sram Force group with a Red crank. Assioma pedals

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Huge fan of Specialized, and this bike in particular, but the new “Speed of Light” thing is just hilarious. The marketing stuff doesn’t make sense even in the context of marketing mumbo jumbo lol

I mean come on this is just ridiculous :rofl: