Tarmac SL7 Release date

Agreed. I think the fit on this particular model is hurting the aesthetics. A lower, longer setup is going to look fantastic.

At least they got the color right…:wink:



Ohh that looks nice! :heart_eyes: Maybe I’ll be able to offload my Di2 Cervelo R3 for an SL6 for cheaper now!

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I think it’s just the normal Venge stem computer mount.


Thanks. Would be nice to have that tor the Tarmac

My local Spec shop told me the Venge mount wouldn’t work with a Tarmac SL6 but I don’t see why not from that picture.

Could anyone that has the Venge mount / has seen it shed any light?

Yes I would like to know as well.

If the Tarmac is using the Venge stem, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. But the Tarmacs are usually spec’d with a different stem, which is why I’m guess the shop said it wouldn’t work.

Edit: Another option if you’re running the S-Works SL stem. You can ask the shop to order the faceplate for the Future Stem. It has the same bolt dimensions, and has a slot for the computer mount.


Mmm, maybe. But zooming in, it looks like a Kedge mount. I don’t think it’s an integrated unit.

From personal experience with the Aerofly bars, there is almost zero room for any mounts. I had to use the Enve mount that uses the stem bolts because nothing would fit on the side.


It’s a pretty standard fit with someone with an above average inseam. Short torso = short reach. Long legs = high saddle position. The combination of the two requires a smaller frame to reduce the reach, but the taller stack to reduce the saddle-to-bar drop. Looks like that set-up already has 10-12cm of drop. Going with a larger frame would just force that rider to use an even shorter stem.


Thanks and I just got the sl Sworks stem for my Tarmac. Will check and thanks.

This is my exact setup/problem. Long legs, short torso on a 58. High saddle height, lots of drop to the bars (~14cm).

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S199900064 Is the part number for the face plate.


I have a kedge mount on my aerofly2 bars with no issues.


I guess the saddle doesn’t look all that high to me for a Tarmac, probably because I run a 79cm saddle height on a 56cm SL6.

I’d just assume someone with those dimensions would ride something that has a more neutral fit for their proportions.

Also given it was a Specialized rep on a yet to be released bike, I’m guessing they were making do with what was available to give it a try.

This is the bike I’ve dreamed about…the offspring from a Venge/Tarmac marriage. Specialized…take my money! :money_mouth_face:

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Curious what that frame will weigh now

Forgive my ignorance. What were the largest influences? The seat stay has a little flare like the Venge, the cockpit, but other parts look Tarmac. Are the tubes more aero than the Tarmac?