Tarmac SL7 Release date

With absolutely no way of replicating that in real world. This is going to be yet another crop of marketing team bollocks.


It’s indeed a large problem in the electronics business. Nobody has recovered from the Chinese New Year break yet.

Been eyeing a tarmac lately for my next bike. I currently have a Trek Emonda arl 5 that is a few years old which will be relegated to the trainer when I do get a new bike.

I just cannot get myself to pay retail for anything but don’t know if/when the sl6 will go on sale.

I talked to my LBS, a Specialized dealer, about the SL7 two months ago. He told me that they could give up full cockpit integration because it would add too much weight. Also, we might see a non UCI legal Tarmac, so really lightweight I guess. Maybe something like the Canyon ultimate evo.

Looking at the UCI approved frame list there is nothing to be seen of a new Tarmac. No wired number frame on it or anything so I doubt that they will be coming out with anything this year. But I can not afford a new bike anyways^^so not to worried at the moment

I would love to see the go for something like that, I would like a fully integrated front end but if they are looking to really distinguish between the Tarmac and Venge going super light climbing bike for the Tarmac and keeping the Venge as is would make sense.

Well they do have to provide a bike that’s sub 6.8kg and aero for their pro riders and as long as they can’t hit that weight with the venge i don’t see them going super light with the tarmac unfortunately.

As a Tarmac owner who just built up a Venge, rode it, then gave up on it - I would say the fully integrated cockpit is maybe not all that. What it is - is a massive PITA to setup


The bike is very real and I just saw it in public being ridden by a specialized rep. They indeed merged the venge and tarmac.


That front end looks kind of ugly


I personally quite like it, my only complaint with the sl6 was the exposed cables and this looks to fix that. Cant wait to see some more actual details when its closer to launch.

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oh man that’s nice, I guess this will be my next bike just gotta wait…

wonder if those are new wheels or just new stickers?

Are these the new clx50s on the sl7?

Looks to be the rumored Rapide CLX wheelset. 51mm in front, unknown depth in the rear. Maybe 62mm?

Also note the Di2 junction box wart in the seatpost. Hopefully there’s a regular seatpost option for eTap builds.

Looks like the S-Works frame is electronic-only too.

How soon can we buy this… :heart_eyes:

Yea, I don’t know how I like that front end. I was super excited about the rumors that it would have hidden cables. But for some reason, it just looks weird. Would be interested to hear the weight.


Can I ask where? Any dates for a release?

I was thinking the same about the front end, but I think it’s more the super short stem and giant stack of spacers that’s throwing proportions off. Looks to be an odd fit to make this frame work for the rider.

IMHO I see lots of aero(ish) bikes with super upright fits and none of them look right to me :man_shrugging:


What is that bike computer holder?