Tarmac SL7 Release date

All the tubes look to be more aero optimized. You can tell the fork legs are different. I’m sure they sent it thru the free foil library and computer optimized aero shapes for weight.

If you look the tubes have subtle sweeps (top tube) and slightly deeper shapes (head tube). The SL6 has a lot of straight tubing for weight.

I can’t imagine the frame is any lighter than the SL6, but still would consider it a win if they kept the weight and improved aero performance.


I just upgraded the stem on my older Roubaix to the Future Stem from the newer Roubaix and it uses the same kit. The parts are all marked/manufactured by Barfly and thrown into a plastic baggie with a Specialized P/N barcode on it. It’s a slick piece of kit, IMO. I have the K-Edge mounts on all my other bikes and I’m a big fan of those too.

If you ever lose the individual computer mounts, you can buy them a la carte direct from Barfly instead of having to buy the full $60 kit again.

Do you guys reckon the new Power Mimic saddle will come as standard on the s-works model?

Some quick sleuthing seems to have confirmed my suspicion that this was taken out front of Mike’s Bikes in San Francisco.

Compare bricks/windows/sidewalk in the original pictures to those here: https://media.glassdoor.com/l/299203/mike-s-bikes-office.jpg

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Yep, looks like it. You can see the “e” and “s” in the reflection of the car. Looks to be the same font. Doubt they have it on the floor but it would be cool to try and sneak a peek.

I would agree with this.

Thank you for these new photos. It looks great and I’m very excited. Will be interesting to hear weight, aero features, and the specs.

One bugbear is the decals. It really annoys me that bike companies make these beautiful frames/designs, often with lovely paint jobs and then ruin it with ghastly big contrasting decals all over the frame. The big white S-works and Specialized just look cheap. When you buy a Ferrari you don’t expect to have the word plastered in white all over the bonnet! Most bike companies seem to do this. Just use classy logos. I hope there will be more “stealthy” versions albeit I like the red and black.


Hi Brandon, great photos! Can I ask, did you take them?

Hi Brandon, great spot – well done for getting pictures. Would it be possible to use these two images on BikeRadar.com?

Thanks, Simon.

I did take the photos, I have no problem with them being used elsewhere!

Brandon Smith


Great, thanks very much! Simon

Yeah, ditch the specialized on the fork and chain stays.


And the s-works on the downtube!

Nah that can stay.

I for one am pretty amped for the SL7. I’ve often thought the cockpit could use a redesign, namely better integration, to further separate (at least) the S-Works->Expert from the lower trims. I’m new to cycling, but am 1,600 miles into it and I can hold my own pretty good. I bought my SL6 Expert from a shop, that fit me based on the online size chart (58). Now, 1,600 miles later it’s evident I need a smaller frame. Can’t seem to get a bite on my SL6 sale, so really hoping to see SL7 frame availability, or at the very least a sub $5K option like we did with the SL6 Expert, which is probably the level most cyclists can make sense of purchasing at retail. Now that a new TCR has dropped (ton of value in the Adv Pro) Spesh will need to do something special here, but keep the price reasonable IMO. I bought my ‘19 SL6 Expert in July 2018, the week it came out, therefore I’d wager August 2020 we’ll see the SL7… (July at the earliest), possibly Fall if COVID doesn’t improve. Whether or not that means it will be available, or merely introduced, only time will tell.


We might just get the new Tarmac on June 3 if they release it alongside the new roval wheels which seems likely looking at this post :heart_eyes:


I actually had a dream last night that Specialized secretly listed it for sale on their site with a promo price for the first 50 sold. I checked this morning just to be sure. Apparently, my subconscious really wants this bike.


I saw this post a while ago…but never zoomed in on the bike. But it defo looks like the new SL7.

Ooooo June the 3rd!

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Some of their paint jobs are “clean” versions - only logos are the S-works on the downtube and the S on the headtube.

What car company does this?