Target watts freezing

Had my watts freeze on a couple of workouts during intervals now. Today it happened near the end of a 1.5 hour threshold workout, and kept the power up for the interval. The only thing I can do to get it working again is get off the bike, power off my kickr and turn it back on again.

Anyone had similar issues and figured an easier fix?

It’s a disconnect between whichever device you’re using to run TR and the sensors/trainer. You can see the cadence is flatlining as well. Since your HR sensor did not disconnect, you should look at how the power and cadence are sent to your device, vs how HR gets there. It will give you a clue to pinpoint where the disconnect occurs.


All connected via Bluetooth

It’s best to contact TR support so they can dig into the logs. All we can do is guess with that limited info.

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I intermittently have the same issue. I’ve found hitting pause, waiting a few seconds, then unpausing the workout tends to get it to resend the signal to the trainer. I’m also connected with bluetooth. I’m using an H2.

EDIT: On second look, I think I’m experiencing something different. For me, the intensity will get stuck, but the graph still charts appropriately.

My problem seems to stem from my trainer not receiving the signal from my device (I run TR on my iPhone). Yours seems to be the trainer is stuck/frozen and is sending the same data to your device.

Have you looked to see if there is a firmware update for your trainer?

Hey there! Sorry to see you’re running into some ERG mode trouble. I took a look into the ride logs on your account, and it does look like your KICKR is experiencing some interruptions.

Here are a few tips that come to mind that may be helpful:

  • Keep your trainer unplugged when not in use between sessions (this allows it to clear out any bad data “stuck” inside).
  • Check the Wahoo Fitness App for any updates available to your KICKR.
  • If you have a KICKR V4 or earlier, try calibrating in the TR app or via the Wahoo app (not necessary if you have a KICKR V5 or V6).
  • Make sure you have a clear line of sight between your device running the TR app and your KICKR.

Hopefully those will serve as a good starting point! If you need some additional info on Bluetooth connectivity issues, check out the following TR Support article:

Feel free to ping me if you need a hand with anything else!

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One other suggestion…If cadence is coming from the power meter, maybe unpair and re-pair the power meter, too?

Since cycling power to the trainer appears to solve the issue, and as indicated by the TR response above, it looks like power and cadence are both coming from the trainer.

My Suito hung like that when it was new. My ant + dongle failed and I borrowed a new one on a extension lead and I have never had a problem since. I suspect it was either caused by the old ant + dongle failing or that it wasn’t on an extension lead. It might have also been interference from someone in my block of flats and they have changed things outside my control.

As chad said we’re guessing and good to see TR weigh in. My suggestion was if the power meter is paired with the KICKR.

Has been happening to me too recently. Once a week my watts will freeze but my HR will continue to move around. Only way I can fix is to pause, unplug my kickr and plug it back in.

I have started to unplug btw rides as well