Trainer not responding to wattage changes in workout

Trainer is a Wahoo Kicker, also using a Stages pm. Running TR on an android tablet.

First workout was Warlow +2. Made it 30 min into the workout without any issues then resistance just seemed to hang at 207 watts while the workout should have been calling for 240w or thereabouts. Then as I entered what should’ve been a rest interval the resistance stayed high until I paused, upon starting again it seemed to be at correct wattage but hung as the next work interval began.
Second workout was Birling -3, made to through one interval just fine but resistance for the second interval started 30 seconds late and hung at the top resistance of the interval.

This is the same setup I’ve been using for 1.5 years without issue, what am I doing wrong suddenly??

I hope I found the right words to describe my scenario, thanks!

I would contact support, they can read your logs. In the meantime pull the power from all your equipment and let them unplugged for 10 minutes. And check for sources of interference (other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, routers etc)

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I have recently had to stop using power matching with my Kickr Core. ERG stopped working with TR. So, now I’m not using power matching. Whenever I get in the mood, I’ll tinker with it and maybe contact support. Please post if you hear something from support.

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I have contacted support and will update this post when I get a response.

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