Tapering for Half Marathon whilst still cycling

I have a half marathon coming up that I would like to do well at. I’m currently also doing a low volume cycling plan (General build) as I have a Duathlon 5 weeks after the 1/2 Marathon. The 1/2 marathon is during the end of the week 8 recovery week which works out well however I was wondering during week 7 do you think it would be worth cutting back some of the cycling workouts. I was contemplating making them shorter but keeping the intensity so i’m a little bit fresher for the run. My last two weeks leading up to the race are included in a image below.

Sorry I don’t have any advice… I found this thread via a search as I had a very similar question. Funnily enough, I’m planning my taper for the same half. Good luck!

One thing I would add… I think the TSS for your runs is a little low. I usually take the running TSS for Training Peaks or Elevate (Strava chrome addon), and it tends to be higher than what TR estimates.

Ye it’s probably not very accurate as it’s just based on RPE. I stuck in 4/10 as I’m mostly just doing easy paced running to build up the mileage. I just use it on the calendar so I know what i’m doing on any given day. Not too worried about the actual value (Not enough to manually change every run anyway). Hopefully when they implement the pulling in of run/swim data from strava these numbers will be more accurate!

If it’s worth anything I am thinking I will trim back the week 7 workouts. Especially the Thursday and Saturday ones.