TSS and tapering clarification

Here are the tss per weeks.

  1. why tss is very high on race week?
  2. the last race is a A race and still a 332 tss week.
  3. i will have to skip workouts the week of racing. I think TR should generate tapering but i just dont see it here
331 Race B
289 Race B
332 Race A
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The TSS shown on a race week also reflects the estimated TSS for your race.

Yep it make sense. But nonetheless, TR should ease up considerably on the workouts leading to race day. It it clearly isn’t doing this.

It looks like it’s tapering into the “A” race from what you posted. TR wouldn’t taper into “B” races, I believe they are treated like another day of training. Some people will try to justify a mini taper for B races, but I’m not a fan of the approach. A half-ass taper isn’t going to make you significantly faster on race day and just hurts your training.


The weekly TSS is sufficiently low that a significant taper isn’t needed. Probably.


Hey there,

As @grwoolf mentioned, you won’t get a full taper going into your B events. It does look like you have openers before your B races, so your overall volume for those weeks will be a bit lower than your non-race weeks, but the taper won’t be the same as it will leading into your A event for the season.

Doing a full taper for every race on your schedule would throw your training off track. It’s important to remember that your B races, while important, aren’t your top-priority events for the year. You’re ultimately building up to have peak fitness (and then resting up to be at your freshest) for your A race later on.

I see that you’re training for triathlon, but this article still might be useful to you all the same:

Hope that helps clear things up – feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!


I guess it depends on what you mean by “mini taper.” If you mean backing off a day or two before the race it does help (at least for me).

As for the OP question of why TSS is higher on race weeks… how long are the races? That could be a big factor there.

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