Tapering for B races

Hi TR forum - first time posting, I’ve searched for this topic but not found anything specific enough!

I have a question on tapering for B races.

I’m racing Ironman Vichy on 25 August this year (A race), plus the London marathon on 28 April (B race) and 70.3 Elsinore on 23 June (B race).

I started the full distance high volume base plan on 28 January, and if I do TR base, then build, then specialty phases with no break in between I will finish my plan 2 weeks before IM Vichy.

My question is - please can you tell me how you would use these two weeks spare to taper & recover cycling activities only for the marathon and 70.3?

My initial thought is to split a training week in half: do the first 2 sessions of that specific week the week of the marathon/70.3 and then do the remaining 2 sessions the following week. This allows some taper and recovery. I will cut my run volume accordingly if body says no.


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I would see if you can get your recovery weeks to line up after your marathon and B race. For the 70.3, I would stop workouts on Wednesday if it’s on Saturday and do a little opener the day before. It is just a 1/2 and you will be in shape by June. The reason for the race is to help you with nutrition, nerves, transitions, etc - not blast a PR. Then ease into the recovery week.

Awesome, thanks! Great shout on aliginging the recovery weeks, I’ll look into that