Tapering for a Enduro MTB race

Hi all,

So have my second Enduro mtb race this Sunday 22nd, have been going on fairly decent longish rides on weekends, past month or two,

two weekly low volume trainer road sessions and two Dialed Health strength sessions. And a mid week ride with moderate climb or DH laps at a bike park.

I’m a fairly intermediate rider with fairly average fitness (spend more time in a bike park doing laps)
And have been training on trainer road for couple months now.

I can’t find any tapering info for enduro mtbing tapering - is three rest days prior to a 4 stage enduro with 1000m + climbing too much rest?

This week I so far - had a long weekend so went on two decent length rides (climbing/DH)
Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Trainer road sesh and Gym strength sesh
Wednesday - moderate climb and 3 DH laps
Thursday - Rest day & mobility work
Friday (today) - ? Ride today or rest?
Saturday - Rest day?

Should I do some race practice day prior or should I rest? It’s friday and legs still feeling abit from Wednesday.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

For an enduro race, pre riding the day before would be far more valuable than resting and not riding.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a taper, unless you expect the ride to fatigue you. You’re really only racing for a few minutes, and the rest of the time you’re taking it as easy as possible.

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You need some solid months of training behind you in order to taper, and from what you’ve written it doesn’t sound like you’ve ridden a lot recently.
I would ride on the Saturday with a couple of openers and apart from those don’t push too hard that day.

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Sweet, thanks for responding.
So ill just do a couple practice sessions on tracks on Saturday morning, then leave it at that then. :slight_smile: