Taper/opener for 100km Mtb race

I will be finishing mid volume base phase 2 in 3 weeks, which coincides with a 100km mtb race with 1800m of climbing.

I’m predominantly a road cyclist and am training for my A event next year.

The MTB race is on Saturday 7th September, how am I best modifying the final week of the specialty century plan to taper for this event?

Shift it to start on the Monday and add a opener On Friday? Chad M recommends Truuli for endurance events.

(Current FTP 285)
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Some of this is personal and may depend on what you previously have responded to. I’ve had issues feeling very flat after recovery weeks where I was doing only easy aerobic rides.

For Leadville this year I ended up doing three rides the week of the race. I did a couple of 60 - 70 min rides that had at the core a 30 minute hard hill climb effort followed by some easier cross mountain riding and then a long descent. It was enough to simulate some of the demands of Leadville but kept overall TSS down. The day before the race I did an easy ride but mixed in 5 x 30s above threshold efforts as openers. This helped wake up my legs and I felt great going into Leadville the next morning.

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Look at the Cross Country Marathon Specialty, it has the last 2 weeks as a taper. I am using XCM Specialty to taper me into my MTB 100 (really 108) with 12,000+ feet of climbing on Sep 21st.

Regarding your last taper week, error on the side of being “too fresh” rather than a little fatigued. Listen to your body and be smart about it.


For clarity, I simply documented the TR opener recommendations that came from them (most likely Coach Chad Timmerman) via the podcast and related workout descriptions. The Opener thread is not really “my” recommendation, it’s TR’s (along with the related discussion there)

Openers in general are something each rider needs to experiment with. Some like them while others do not. It is not mandatory or necessary for everyone.


The final week of the cross country specialty looks good, thanks for pointing that out.

I to was a little apprehensive with the easy aerobic recovery rides for the taper week. I like a good solid carb load which I find is more effective if I have wound the legs up for a bit.

Apologies Chad, I hadn’t realised that the post was info from the podcast.

I will start the cross country marathon final week on the Monday, put in a rest day on Thursday(work), truuli (-1) on the Friday.


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Mon 2: Recovery ride from weekend 1h
Tues 3: Race week efforts to stay sharp, 2 x 10m @ 100% FTP, 1.5h total
Wed 4: Endurance ride @ 70-75% FTP for 1.5h
Thurs 5: Recovery ride
Fri 6: Openers, 5 x 30s @ MAX 120% FTP, recover at least 90s between, total 1h

Let us know how it goes!


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Thanks Brendan!
Will do, the course isn’t published yet…so I’m hoping for it to be not to technical. I know I have the fitness, just not the skill!

Previous years times range from 4hrs to 8hrs.


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have a great race!!!