Taper for B event 3 weeks prior to A event

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I am following the high volume century plan. Sunday in a week I have my B-event. It is a 200km gran fondo with 4000 meters climbing. The event is very similar to my A-event three weeks later. The question is if and how I should taper for the B-event. I slightly modified the plan over the last weekend due to a three day cycling camp in the mountains. Please see the attached screenshot of my calendar. On Saturday I have truuli planned. I am considering switching kaweha and buckhorn for harder rides. What do you think and any recommendations on what ride to do instead of kaweha and truuli.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to your answers.



You say you are following the high volume century plan but none of the above workouts you have in the picture are in the century plan. Where did you get those workouts from and why did you swap out the prescribed workouts? Was this because of your 3 day camp?

Assuming you have recovered from your camp and fatigue is not too high, I would follow the last part of the taper week from high volume Rolling Road Race specialty;

The other option is to just follow the Century plan as prescribed and just modify the Saturday ride before the race as an opener workout. Since your A event is so close you may not want to disrupt your training too much.

I wouldn’t taper for a B race unless the TSS you’re going to get from the B race will wipe out your training the week following the event

If the TSS you expect to get from this B event is such that you’ll have trouble completing workouts next week then you should reduce a bit going in to help prevent too much follow on effects from the B event, but even then I’d suggest you switch to -1 or -2 versions instead of doing an actual taper

Completely agree with @trpnhntr, the B race will serve as a great hard workout before you really start to taper for your A race, do me mindful if it wipes you out though.

Thanks everyone for your answers.
@MI-XC: you are correct the workouts were not from the high volume century plan. Reason being that I tried to adapt the plan to include the taper. I was relatively fatigued the last days from the camp in the mountains, but am back on track as of today. Thanks also for suggesting the taper from the climbing road race plan. I actually thought of doing that.

@baggiebird and @trpnhntr: I will follow the century plan as planned and simply replace the Saturday training with a leg opener, e.g. Truuli.

Thanks in any case for your answers and ride on,


PS: I really love the forum and Trainer Road especially. I had a C-race on Sunday and was able to hold 318 watts over 25 mins at altitude, after riding for 5:30 hours, so very pleased.

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