Tacx Neo Smart Bike (dedicated bike)

Press release went out saying it’s now shipping.

Tacx Intro Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK7rwhHDBhw

DCR Review:

GP Post: (will post when available)

Bike is shipped to me and I’ll post some thoughts when it arrives!


Didn’t pre-order but have been waiting for forever!

If anyone gets one, I’d love to see how this ended up looking in details. I want one to easily switch between me and my wife. We live in an apt, so don’t have room for two bikes on two trainers, but we’d love to be able to switch positions on that Tacx bike…


I put the pre-order in for that exact reason! I’ll make sure to test out the adjustments to make sure that its easy to dial in the positions, since I’m 180cm with long than normal legs and my SO is 165cm with shorter than normal legs.

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Yeh, my big concern is how to mark up the positions on the bike so we can just switch around with the confidence that we are hitting a good position…

My plan is to measure both of our bikes, transfer over the measurements and do some test rides to make sure to get the positions dialed, and then use some metallic silver and gold sharpie permanent marker to mark the positions on the various contact points.

I’m hoping for some tastefully painted gradients a la a Ritchey or Bontrager seatpost.

There are some clearly visible in the video on the seat post height and fore aft on the saddle mount.

  • image

They are missing on on the opposite side for the handle height and fore-aft.

  • image

It appears to be “tooled” adjustment with no external handle for quick release. I expect (or hope) that they will offer easier and faster adjustment for those who expect to bounce between riders/sizes.


looks cool but LOL at the fans


For me, it’s just two extra fans. I’ll take em! Especially because I like to keep the floor fan pointed at my body rather than my face.

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more is def better, i just pity the fools who just go with those and nothing more!

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I’m wondering if they all have the same size allen key and there is a dedicated torque key included, rather than having it be quick release.



$3200, woof.

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Yup, a little bit more expensive than a Peloton + 1 year of membership. It’s not cheap, but if you have multiple people using it, the cost makes more sense.

I can’t see it being a good value proposition if you only have one person using it (relative to just getting a good smart trainer)

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They are basically asking “Is it worth $1800 to not put wear on your chain and not sweating on your bike.?”


It’s worth $1800 for me not to have to find a bigger apartment and pay more rent per month :man_shrugging:


There’s both bolts that can require an allen key, or you can use the included quick release. Both are there, your choice.

For whatever reason I can’t find on my hard drive a pic at the moment of it with the handles on there. I’ll dig around a bit.


Might want to wait until tomorrow. This is smart bikes kind of year.

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Cheaper than my bike that’s on the trainer.

  • $3,200 seems to hefty a price tag. If this were closer to a regular premium trainer, say, $2,000, it’d become a much more interesting proposition.
  • There don’t seem any quick adjusts or ways to “memorize” settings. (Imagine you share this bike with your partner …)
  • The two tiny fans are just hilarious. I guess they keep your face cool.
  • But seriously, why do we have to futz around with external gadgets and tables and such. These bikes should be turnkey solutions, i. e. you get the bike and you are ready to ride without having to buy other hardware (ok, you need pedals).
  • It seems there is only a single bottle cage. What gives? I need about 2 bottles per hour, so that’s just not a lot. Why not have a holder for two or three bottles and some other storage space around the “downtube”?
  • How about more space to store some stuff (e. g. the remote for your fan). On the front of the “downtube” there seems to be quite a bit of space that goes unused. It’s not as if you have to care about aerodynamics.
  • The handlebar section seemed a bit flexy in parts of the video.

In summary, even if I had the money lying around, I’m not tempted. It seems very much like a v1.0, and a lot of the practical details haven’t been thought out to the degree that I would like them to. Cooling and storage in particular seem poorly thought out.

Look up…

  1. DC Rainmaker posted pics that show the bike comes with quick adjust handles that are tool-free ways to make fast changes.

  2. I posted pics of the marked seat post height and fore aft. I expect they have something similar on the bar adjustments.

I noticed that too. Likely would drive me crazy. But maybe it’s not as bad as it looks.