Tacx Neo + MTB boost

Okay. Short question, probably better suited for some other support forum, but have anyone put a boost MTB on the Neo? I have the “boost-kit” but those pesky 6mm, from 142mm to 148mm axle length, seem to be missing. Or perhaps I’m missing something. Does anyone have experience?

No experience but Garmin chat online is very helpful.

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Great question! The documentation from Tacx hard to decipher. A simple diagram would have been nice.

I’m subscribing to this thread. Please tell us what you find out!

I run various bikes on a Neo 2. My XC bike runs boost on the rear with an NX Eagle cassette no problems. (Scott Spark RC).

Which Neo are you using?

Edit: pic.


I thought I made it pretty clear in the subject by not calling it Neo 2. :slight_smile:

That looks exactly like my skewer. The only issue like I said is that the bike is missing 6mm in between the axles. 142mm bikes “hinge” perfectly but 148mm-bikes don’t. When you put the bike on the trainer do you have a gap anywhere or does the bike hinge on?


I had to check on the model first. Yours is identical to mine (Neo2), but the 2T is totally different.
Too many people call them all Neo’s.

I can definately sit my bike on the drop-outs without the bike needing support if that’s what you mean?
The drop-outs do compress a little when I’m tightening things up. Nothing unlike when I’m tightening the through axle on the wheel though.

Do you have the 6mm washer in the pic fitted? It’s the second item from the bottom left.

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Yes I do have it. But where is that supposed to go? :open_mouth: The Tacx docs are worthless.

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It acts as a spacer that goes in between the threaded part in the pic and the trainer.
The picture I posted shows the correct arrangement in an exploded view (sort of).

How did you go with the other various fittings for the skewer? They work well, but there are several variations due to different bike standards that can cause confusion.


All the other fittings are correct but I’m not sure why there is no specification regarding boost (148mm) in the manual.

This is the only thing I find in the manual.


The Dutch are similar to Germans. If you ask someone if they know what time it is. Don’t be surprised if they say ‘yes’ and walk off like the question was answered. :rofl:

You can pretty much throw the instructions in the bin for boost MTB settings. That pic above shows the parts that tighten with 5mm Allen keys and has nothing to do with through axle type bikes.

Taxc instructions are terrible. The bag of fittings I got with my trainer are many and are high quality.
If they could sort out decent instructions life would be a whole lot easier.