Tacx neo 2t - few questions

So I’m about to buy a tacx neo 2t. My garage is detached from my house and has no electricity so as neo can be run under its own steam without being plugged in is a massive postive for me as I am able to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot with an iPad to run trainer road/Zwift.

Currently in my garage I have a dumb trainer set up with my old winter bike and Garmin vector 3 pedals. I like having a dedicated bike set up for training indoors. However I’m a bit worried about impact of leaving tacx neo in garage permanently as it is pretty cold in there and worried about condensation after I’ve trained in garage potentially knacking up the internal workings. Are my fears warranted? As just worried about spending so much on a trainer if I end up breaking it with where I store and use it.

My other option and alternative is to train in house but I would have to use my best bike ( I store it in house in my hallway) no way can I have another bike in house and I’m worried about sweat damaging this bike. I am a heavy sweaty even with decent fans. It’s full carbon and I’ll be honest my bike in garage I treat like crap with just a quick wipe down so would want to do everything possible to protect my best bike from bolts rusting etc. So any advice on this.

Finally I would potentially like to move between the two as although I’m aware neo is pretty quiet but wondering if wife would be able to watch TV in same room? If not and I was swapping between them both but one is a 11 speed and one is a 10 speed. I am guessing I’d have to change the cassette each time?

Thanks in advance

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I’m going to say no. Not because the neo is loud, but because you’ll want to be running a fan (or 3) which is loud.

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Agree - assume that if you’re training inside, you’re not doing it in the same room as anyone else - unless they’re also training…

The Neo 2T is practically silent, so most of the noise you’ll hear (other than fans!) will be from your drivetrain.

I keep my Neo in an unheated garage and don’t have any concerns about it getting damaged, corroded etc (though I have lots of airflow in there, so there’s no sweat, condensation etc building up during workouts).

Personally I would not worry about condensation. That only happens when things get seriously warmer than everything else around it. The Neo is generating resistance via magnets, so its not that the device itself gets really warm.
So as long as you don’t carry the cold Neo into the house every time and let condensation happen inhouse, I’d not be concerned at all.

I’d be more concerned about sweat and would give it a quick wipedown post-training with a baby wipe if you really sweat like crazy and want to be sure its not damaged. Other than that, happy riding!

Magnets are not heat free, every comparable trainer out there IIRC applies resistance via magnet at the flywheel and they all get hot, but the Neo just doesn’t use a belt, instead a series of magnets, which are still bound to get pretty warm compared to a cold garage. My time with the Neo was very limited so I can’t recall if it got hot or not after a ride, but there’s a reason they have built in fans and overheating when said fans get blocked up

I think I have to correct what I said above, somehow I mixed it up.

It should be “things are colder”.
Think of winter, you’re wearing your glasses outside and enter a warm house - glasses fog up. However, that only happens in cases of immediate changes in temperature.

For the Neo, the device doesn’t heat up in a second and also doesn’t cool down in a second either. So yeah, I still don’t see how there would be an issue and would personally not worry too much.

Definitely agree… I run two fans and they are the major cause of noise.