Tacx Neo 2T Sram Freehub

Not sure if anyone has any experience with this or not but i need to change the freehub on my neo 2T to sram for my AXS but their freehub is out of stock till mid march!!!

Does anyone know if there are others that fit? or if there is any other options for running 12s AXS on a shimano freehub?

Road, I don’t think I have seen any HG options for the flattop chain.

MTB, there are many, includes SRAM NX SX, but you lose the 10t is all.

Yeah its road and flat top which does make it more tricky.

Yeah, at this point I don’t think there are any alternates, but hope anyone with other info can share it.

It’s an issue and one I really dislike about SRAM’s direction for that drivetrain.

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If you’re in ERG mode you can usually find one or two gears that will roll OK. Otherwise…they seem to be in stock at certain places?

There’s one on amazon for a few extra bucks.

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Ohh im in the UK so that’s not an option.

But i guess erg only might work for a bit.

Sadly, since SRAM made the roller size different (even though the pitch is still 0.5") that single difference prevents us of ANY regular cassette. They will NOT work, even in ERG.

The larger AXS chain rollers will not seat into the cassette teeth of a “normal” cassette. It’s a no-go option.

Sadly, true.

But, if you have the equipment, and don’t mind swapping things around. You could put an Eagle AXS derailleur and chain on, and use some Shimano HG 12 speed cassette (SRAM NX Eagle, asian 12 speed cassettes … which are generally poorly made, or spend a ton of money on a quality HG 12 speed cassette like Rotor).

Supposedly SRAM said eagle chains work fine with their chainrings, and it’s used on their mullet configs.

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I used a pretty old 10 speed 105 cassette with my Rival AXS bike for about 2 months before I got a new cassette for the trainer. It worked fine.

I currently have a 12 speed rival cassette on my Elite trainer which obviously works fine. The NEO 2t has an 11 speed 105 cassette because it usually has my wife’s bike on it. If I do a very sprinty (lots of shorter on/off) workout I’ll swap my bike over to the NEO because of the instant response time. Have never had a single slip or anything.

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Maybe this causes some premature wear which is why they don’t recommend it. But it does work in a pinch at least.

I need to look at hard numbers to see the actual impact, but using a larger diameter chain roller (Flattop AXS) in a standard cassette would likely result in the roller being “suspended” between the cog teeth… rather than landing in the bottom of the arc where a normal roller would sit.

It could create more “point” or “wedge” loading on the roller vs the more “cradled” loading when it rests in the bottom of the tooth/roller profile. It “works” in the sense that it will turn stuff, but wear on the cog and chain could be a real issue.

All speculation, but from a simple geometric shape and support perspective, it’s not ideal.