Switching from Road Cassette to MTB Tacx Neo 2T

Does anyone have a trick to quickly switch cassettes between Road and MTB on a Tacx Neo 2T? Is it a viable option to buy a second Tacx freehub and leave each cassette screwed onto its own freehub and make the switch by pulling one freehub out of the 2T and popping the other one in?

The best “trick” to installing / swapping cassettes on a wheel or trainer is to use that silly white holder that comes with all the Shimano cassettes. It’s possible to slide the full cassette (minus the final locking cog and threaded cap) in one fell swoop. Watch any of GP Lama’s videos where he uses them. I learned it from him and will NEVER throw out those holders because they work so well for this step.

This largely assumes you are using the Shimano HG compatible cassettes in both cases and not something like the XD/R Sram setup for the MTB side.

But as you consider, having a full freehub swap is likely the easiest approach that requires minimal tools and effort, but more investment in the second FH.


Thank you for the reply. It sounds like the idea I had would work, it just cost a little extra money.

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What’s the reason for changing cassette? I don’t use my MTB on the Trainer (Kickr Core) often, but when I have, I just used the road cassette (my two bikes are 11spd road & 12spd mtb). If you find a gear that works well and stay in that gear while using erg mode you’re sorted.

I considered that, but I was concerned that it would cause another problem I wasn’t aware of yet. I use TR and ride road exclusively. My wife has a MTB and recently started using Zwift, so that is why I was exploring a simple way to make the switch.