Swap freehub on tacx neo 2t

I need to swap my freehub on my neo 2t. do i need to buy the specific neo 2T xdr freehub or will any xdr freehub be ok?

Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of interoperability between different hub makers. There might be a brand or 2 that actually would work, but definitely not any 'ole xdr freehub you come across. The only safe answer is buy the neo 2t specific one. Not sure what’s wrong with your freehub but the bearings can be replaced and that would be pretty cheap.

I have successfully swapped to the XDR hub on my Neo 1 when I moved to SRAM.

There are differences between the Neo 1/2 and the Neo 2T hubs. Check carefully that you are purchasing the correct one.

Just checking that you realise that you can buy cassettes that are compatible with the standard freehub (HG) on the neo but are 12 speed sram? For MTB (which would work with your road bike) the sram PG-1230 is 12 speed HG freehub, or for a road cassette you have options like sunrace CSRZ800 WAW

Being on the trainer, weight doesn’t matter.

what i currently have is a 105 11 speed cassette on the trainer. recently changed bikes and now running 12 speed rival. so figured i’d need a new freehub and new cassette.

Yes, I understand. I was just trying to give you an option that might be significantly cheaper and easier than a new freehub and cassette.