Original Tacx NEO Compatibility with 12 Speed Cassette

I have a Tacx NEO from 2017 with the EDCO multisys freehub body on it, and have been struggling to find a clear answer on whether the freehub I have will accommodate a 12 speed cassette.

For the past 6 years I’ve had a 10 speed ultegra cassette on the trainer with the included spacer, but I’ve recently purchased a new 12 speed bike. I’ve seen many statements that “old shimano 9/10/11 speed freehubs can take a 12 speed cassette”. Does this apply to the EDCO cassette as well?

I have a Tacx Neo 1 that I bought in 2018. At the time, my bike had a Campagnolo drivetrain, so 1 took off the Shimano free hub body and stored it, while using Tacx’s Campagnolo one. Fast forward to last summer, I upgraded to a new bike with Shimano Ultegra 12sp. I simply reinstalled the Shimano free hub body that came with my Neo. And, it worked fine with a new Ultegra 12sp cassette.

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Yeah, Shimano 12 speed works on 11 speed hubs including the EDCO. Though I’m guessing your bike uses a thru-axle rather than a QR, which is another difference. I think there’s a kit for that.

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Thanks, I knew I needed a conversion kit for the axle. GPLlama has a video about that. Now I have to decide whether making the change is worth it or if i should just leave the old bike on it til it dies.

Yeah, I just use my old bike on my Neo. Fancy carbon fiber lightweight aero stuff does nothing for me on the trainer, and I’m not serious enough to insist my gear ratios and such be the same (besides, I use ERG). Also why put trainer miles on the drivetrain of the new bike?

Did you end up getting yours to fit?
I have found my to be cassette body to be too short as well and have done some reading and can see that you can buy a SRAM attachment for 12 speed casettes.

Does anyone know if this is what I will need for a Shimano DuraAce 9200 - 12 speed on a Tax Neo Model T2800.


do you still have the shimano hub body>??

I bouth a used Tacx Neo 1 and its been a nightmare so far, I can not get any shimano or campagnolo cassette intalled.

desperate and frustrated

I have a Neo 1 as well. I’ve used Campagnolo (10 speed) and currently use Shimano 12 speed cassettes with corresponding Tacx hub bodies without an issue…

If you’re unable to fit a Tacx hub body to your Neo 1, perhaps the Neo 1 is missing a part (that accepts the small recessed locking bolt), or the hub bodies that you’ve tried are incompatible versions(?). Though I’m not aware of the latter being an issue (as long as they are Tacx hub bodies).

Thank you for your response.

Yes I can fit the HUB perfectly; but I cannot find any cassette that will fit in the hub. Neither Campagnolo or shimano. As per description all brands should fit in this hub, but I am unable.

Cool — I follow now. Thanks for the picture of your hub body. It appears to be a third-party body but more importantly appears to be heavily worn/abused. My guess is that or it’s for older cassette systems (pre 10 speed). I’d recommend buying a new Garmin/Tacx one from the retailer of your choice. That should work with no issues

The early Neos came with An Edco freehub that does indeed fit both Shimano and Campagnolo. It’s many years since I fitted my current cassette (Ultegra 11spd), and I remember it being fiddly to get on, but it did work with some patience…


Is it possible that some wear (little nicks etc) in your freehub are stopping the cassette from sliding on?

You need to carefully remove those burrs with a file

At least my shimano 105 12 speed cassette also needed a small adjustment with a file also. So don’t bother getting ultegra for your trainer