Tacx Flux / Neo, new freehub body

Help needed!!!

Does anyone know any good hub/body for a tacx flux. I think mine is a bit broken. And I need to replace it. But I don’t know which one to get. I do have a SRAM casette.

On the website from tacx I only find one from campagnolo that looks like the one I have. I think these SRAM XD-R body’s are for mountainbikes…

Is a campognolo gonna work for my SRAM groepset (11-speed)?
Or which one should I buy. (I live in Belgium if it would matter)

Help is muchos appreciated.


XD-R is for road, primarily for the new AXS 12 speed groupsets. XD-R is backwards compatible with XD, using a cassette spacer. This is similar to the Shimano 11 speed/10 speed spacer and cassette compatibility. You would know if you need XD, but if I were you and need XD, I would just get XD-R and put a cassette spacer on it.

XD is for road and mountain. Some 1x bikes (gravel, CX, etc.) run SRAM XD cassettes. You can’t miss this, as the cassette is screwed onto the freehub. XD-R is the same way, just that the XD-R body is a tad longer.

Campagnolo is for Campagnolo drivetrains. You would know if you have this.

SRAM uses both HG and XD, so you need to know what you have. XD would normally be on the MTB/1x Gravel/1x CX type drivetrains that run 10-50, 10-42, etc. The easiest way to tell, if you have a lockring, you’re not using XD technology. If you have the smallest cog as 11T, you’re most likely not XD, but the lockring is the dead givaway as XD and XD-R do not use lockrings. You use the same tool and screw the cassette onto the freehub.

For your groupset, assuming it’s 11 speed road such as Force, Red, etc. You are most likely using a Shimano HG freehub, which is probably what comes default on the trainer.

Ok. Mine is an Edco with a lockring I need to screw on to lock the casette (11 speed 11-28).
Looks like this: https://www.fashionforcycling.be/accessoires-onderdelen/13336-tacx-edco-body-compleet-neo.html

So is a body and a hub the same thing, or are they both needed ?

The problem is that I can’t pedal backwards anymore on my tacx flux trainer. So I think my hud/body is broken. If this is not broken, maybe my tacx flux is broken and that would s**k bigtime.

I have dubbel checked it and it is one like that link.
So I just buy a new one? Or are there better hubs/body’s available on the market?
I also thinking of buying a new casette and a new chain for the smarttrainer… Good idea ?

Edco cassettes doesn’t come with bikes as OEM, that I know of. Regardless…there’s a number written on the freehub body. Take off your cassette, and look for the same one.

The Tacx Flux freehub body that comes with the trainer is the Edco one (I’m not sure if this is what you mean when you said Edco) and is compatible with both Campagnolo and Shimano. Take off your cassette and take a look at what you have.

It is technically called a freehub body. A hub is the entire thing in the center of your wheelset that the spokes connect to. The freehub body is the thing the cassette attaches to, and it is part of the hub. It is sometimes referred to as a cassette driver.

Try contacting Tacx? It’s hard to say what the problem is until you disassemble and take a look. It might be the freehub body (the pawls may have seized for some reason, or it may need to be lubricated and not replaced, or may have some debris there), it might be something else entirely as well. I’d hate to waste the money. If you don’t need the trainer for some time, you can try to pull out the freehub body and see why the pawls are not retracting.

I just ordered me a new freehub body from Edco.
I think that is the problem. (I hope)

I will contact tacx also.

Thx everybody for the good info.

Gonna post the results here (if i don’t forget).

Contact Tacx. If you’re under warranty, they’ll ship you a replacement (Shimano). If you’re not under warranty, they still might ship you one for free. Worst case, you can buy the replacement parts on the Tacx website.

My Neo1 Edco freehub died last month or was it the month before. Anyway, after a couple email exchanges they sent (Netherlands -> Taipei) a Shimano replacement freehub under warranty. It arrived two days later.

Thx mate. Just contacted tacx. Coincidence or not, but today is the 2nd birthday of my tacx. Day on day 2 years. Looks like I wanna scam them LOL.

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I want to use my eagle cassette on the Tacx neo smart 1 can I use any companies XD-R work or will I have to but the tacx version T2805.81 SRAM XD-R or will this one workhttps://www.evolutioncycles.co.nz/Product/293596/sram-red-axs-xd-driver-freehub-body-with-bearings?variationId=292847&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhYqVgOrI5wIVwzUrCh0_0QFoEAQYAyABEgIN-_D_BwE

I’m not sure, but if you contact Tacx support via email, I’m sure they can tell you for sure.