Tacx Flux - frozen mid-interval

Hi all, looking for any experience of a trainer suddenly and almost completely locking up. I was midway through a recovery interval (on Tunnabora) spinning at 100w. All of a sudden the cranks ‘froze’. By using all my bodyweight i can turn the cranks through a quarter turn (from top dead centre) but that is all.

The trainer is a 2017 Tacx Flux and I run it in Erg mode with Power Match from a crank-based PM. Whilst a bit noisy (creaky/scratchy) the setup has been working great so surprised it suddenly fell off a cliff.

Any thoughts, ideas, experience to share?


OK, so a bit of q&a away from here suggests it could be a freehub issue. Is there any reason why i can’t replace the existing Edco freehub and replace with a spare freehub I have lying around from an unused set of 11 speed wheels? Assuming they are both shimano is there any problem e.g. number of pawls?


I suggest contacting Tacx Faqx. They are the kings of questions like this. They have a main web site and an active group on FB if you are a member there. They just added Flux support on top of their amazing Neo support. They will get you all set once you get in contact with them.