TACX Flux 2 opinions

Tacx have very kindly agreed to swap my troublesome TACX Flux for a Flux 2

I can’t find any reviews anywhere. Has anyone got one? Any good?

They are not released yet. Dc Rainmaker has done a noise test on the review model he has. He is supposed to have a review out on it within the next couple weeks.
On clevertraining I noticed they have pushed back delivery to late March. Might be because Garmin purchased TACX.

It’s been available in Europe and I got mine in beginning of January. Only done maybe 10 rides or so but I’m totally satisfied with it. First smart trainer I’ve got and it does exactly what it’s supposed to. No problems with resistance floor and quiet enough.

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I would personally avoid any Flux. They are prone to failure and despite what Tacx say I can’t imagine they’ve solved the belt issues.

The original model (a.k.a. Flux 1, now modified and rebranded as Flux S) has been shipping for more than 2 years, and the issues were reported as fixed in Jan 2017. I would assume the original issues are behind them, even more so considering one of the issues was associated with the EDCO “universal” freewheel body, which they don’t use since quite a while.

I’ve been running a Flux S since November last year, I can hear the load unit disc scraping a little on the cover once in a while under load, a fairly common complaint, but nothing to make me return it. It runs fine.

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I thought the flux 2 did away with the belt and has a similar system to the neo?

I’ve had the flux s for 3 months now, it was very different from my flow but I’m happy with it now that I’m used to it

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Nope. It is just about identical to the original Flux, for construction at least.

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Uses the same casing. From what I can gather, it has a higher power ceiling and a lower floor, in addition to the mechanical changes the S has that provides more room for long-cage derailleurs, but that’s about it.

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No, the Neo has a very different system. It’s got a virtual flywheel driven my electromagnets as opposed to a belt drive. Flux 2 is pretty much the same idea as the Flux, but apparently the issues have been resolved (just like they were with the Flux S).

i had the original Flux. I had it for 2 months before i took it back and swapped it for a Neo.

The Flux was soo problematic for me. random resistance and knocking noises.

Any feedback on the Flux 2 yet?

I am on my second Flux, first one went back and the second one is about to go back and I am pushing for a different model for the replacement (or refund). The supplier is talking about the Flux 2 but the idea of another Flux is not floating my boat, what is the experience everyone is having with the Flux 2?

Just got my new Flux 2 yesterday. Now this is the happening right now: Tacx Flux 2 can’t connect

Yeah, it’s decent. Miles better than the original

Other than the BT issue, which is sorted by tr I really can’t complain

My third flux, in 3 years, is now kaput. Out of warranty and now engaging with tacx/Garmin directly.

Firstly a rubbing sound and now it’s difficult to turn the pedals

Depending how the conversation goes with Garmin might mean a last resort of opening the cover on the flux and seeing if a self remedy is a possibility.

Has anyone done this and so they have any tips ?

Thanks in advance