Sync to strava not working

My last 2 workouts haven’t uploaded to Strava as normal. Normally at the end of the session it uploads within a few seconds but this weekend it hasn’t. No setting have changed so just wonder if anybody else have had an issue…

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Either wait a bit longer … or else try disconnecting Strava from TR, and then reconnecting. That sometimes fixes it.

Its been slow the last few times for me and today it never informed me that it had uploaded for about 3h after my ride; it had uploaded as I checked it about 20mins after I finished.

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Same for me … slow yesterday and no image today.


I have had problems too. Slow to upload and then the image vanishing when I was editing the ride. Submitted a case. They suggested disconnecting and re syncing Strava

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Yes, same issue here these past few workouts, I did the disconnect then reconnect to Strava after contacting support, it helped.

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I’ve also done the re-connect to Strava thing, but did not fix the missing workout image issue

Today it was quick to upload to Strava, but the last couple of rides it took 10 minutes roughly. For the past week or two it seems to be doing this. Some rides are really slow to sync and others are quick. Server issues on the TR end or Strava end?

I’d say if the TR app/webpage for the ride says it’s been sync’d, then it’s in Strava’s hands at that point. If it takes 10+ minutes to post, it’s their bad. Come to think of it, I did recently have a ride that took several minutes to pop up. I don’t normally pay much attention, but it was a total fail of a workout so I had to mark it private to hide my embarrassment!

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I currently record my TR rides on my Edge 830 and they both upload to Strava. Sometimes Strava filters one of them out (usually the Garmin Ride) if they have very similar time stamps.

I too have seen the TR ride get delayed in syncing with Strava, but twice the rides get somewhat combined. The title and ride stats from the Garmin ride get synced, but with the TR ride summary photo/graphic. When this happens, the TR version does not sync. Very strange as it’s only done this in the past week…

I also record my TR rides on my Edge 1030+ so I can capture some data unique to Garmin Connect. When I stop my workout in my 1030 when it stops in the TR app, I don’t hit Save Ride on my 1030 until I see TR has synced to Strava. As long as I follow this sequence, I never get duplicates in Strava.

It’s also because of this process, that I noticed sometimes the TR - Strava sync is slow. But, really it’s not the end of the world as I do about 15-20 minutes of stretching/massage gun after I ride, by which the sync has occurred ever when it’s slow.

Its most commonly on Stava’s end when we see this issue, but that doesn’t mean the TR support team won’t help you out with it! :relaxed:

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The uploads seems to have been behaving itself the last couple of weeks although I did do a 1.5hr Sweet spot session the other day when there wasn’t any ride information from Chad… Made it a bit harder without his encouragement !

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