Strava Sync suddenly not working after 5 weeks

I contacted support, online chat couldn’t resolve and said they’d look into it further. I’ve tried disconnecting (didn’t work), and then I tried manually uploading the TR file, which doesn’t give me the normal TR upload, just the plain ride that Garmin uploads (I usually upload both). It DOES show up on my garmin connect (which shows both the TR and Garmin recordings).

The fact that manually uploading the TR file didn’t work is weird. I’ve had to manually upload rides off my Garmin edge in the past and it was fine, if not a bit annoying to have to do. But this isn’t even working now.

Anyone else having this issue? Prior to this, I had zero issues, with TR rides in full format uploading almost instantaneously.

I’ve definitely had it happen, but the disconnect/reconnect TR/Strava always worked. Hope they can help fix it for you.