Strava hiccups with TR

For awhile now I’ve had the issue of strava not picking up the ride photos into strava, I know it’s been a issue with talking to support. However with just disconnecting/reconnecting it would work (annoying though)
Lately though TR has not even been sending my rides to strava
Just wondering if others have had similar issues?

Been fine for me but I am a Strava subsriber I think they are blocking things for non-subscribers; could that be the issue.

I’m a subscriber as well so can’t be that :man_shrugging:t2:

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No issues with mine. I did see someone else say they were having issues with the image uploading and that was due to editing the ride before the image uploads. So if you just wait a minute then edit it should show up.

I’ve been having this issue too. Had to manually sync the workout in TR to Strava and when it did, the workout image doesn’t appear.

Yes I actually did the same and got no photo or anything but the miles and time from TR to strava. Ended up just taking a screen shot
This is beyond annoying as Ive used TR for years with never a problem and all of a sudden each ride has some sort of problem

Strava subscriber. Progression level images used to upload instantly together with the virtual ride, but one month ago it started taking a few minutes for image upload.

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