Sync just disappeared [Resolved ✅]

My ride didn’t sync today so I tried to go into the app and resynch or disconnect and reconnect Strava. But sync no longer shows as an option anywhere along the left side when I click on the hamburger bar. Did it get relocated and I just can’t find it? I’ve looked through settings and account and it’s just. … Gone.

It’s under account on the website. I don’t see it in the app, but I’m not sure I have ever tried to do it with the app before either.

Nope, it’s not there either. Account just has my personal info like ftp/weight, etc. Used to be there though.

Weird. I definitely see it. Better open a ticket.

@aikigreg Just following up on this, Ride Sync is available on the web only at the moment and under your account page like @pbase advised.

It does look like your rides from Strava have since synced!
If you need a hand re-syncing moving forward or if you’re still experiencing issues, feel free to reach out. In the meantime, I’ll mark this as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’ since you’re squared away.
Let me know if anything changes, we’re here to help!

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