Strava sync fails [Resolved ✅]

I’ve done all the ride sync authority stuff but can’t get Strava to sync to TR of versa vice. Any ideas :bulb: :thinking:

Have you contacted TR support?


No not yet. I will give them a nudge. Cheers buddy :+1:

Hey! I did get a report of a Strava outage yesterday so I wonder if that was the cause of your sync issues.
It looks like your workouts have since synced from Strava.

Are you still experiencing issues or is this all resolved at the moment?
Let me know! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been noticing some strava sync issues lately as well. My Disaster ride for wwdd on Saturday did sync, but not the image. This has happened before, and often it will show up some hours later, but it’s been > 48 hours now and still no image. I guess it’s not coming.

Same boat. Ride from last Thurs had only data, no image. Today’s ride has an image loaded. Strava support told me that TR did not push any media for last week’s ride. Glitch in the matrix I guess.

Hey bud. Thanks for your help. No still not working. No sync of TR rides to Strava and I’m having to manually input non TR rides onto my TR manually. It used to work okay. But not at present and all the allowances of data transfer have been authorised and my settings are all as they should be. It’s a mystery :+1:

I am having same issue over last week

Hey! Nate V. from the support team has followed up as well, it looks like your TrainerRoad rides are fully syncing. He sent over the links where those workouts are appearing on Strava as well.

You can confirm this at the bottom of the individual ride view as well to redirect you straight over to the synced Strava activity:

That being said, if the workouts that you do not see syncing over are your swim and run workouts, these workouts currently won’t sync through Ride Sync. Along with that, any non-cycling activities on Strava will not sync back to TrainerRoad to be displayed on your calendar.

If those are the workouts that you do not see synced, then you could try enabling our Early Access ‘Import and Display Runs’ feature, which will allow your runs to be imported into TrainerRoad from Strava or Garmin and associated with your scheduled runs. If you’d like to learn more about this or enable this feature, you can check it out here [Click].

Let either myself or Nate V. know if you have any questions about this, and which workouts specifically aren’t syncing to TrainerRoad and Strava.

@Transgress4 this goes for you, too! I wasn’t able to find your TR account from your forum pseudonym or email address, so feel free to DM me or email if the above information doesn’t align with your workouts and if you’re still having trouble.

Hi Ivy - Any issues with the TR ride data syncing to Strava, but not the fancy blue graph? My last 2 rides have not synced as they used to (no graph recently). I’ve disconnected & reconnected TR to Strava and insured there was a green light on Strava sync via TR website. Thanks

My syncing is still weird. Nothing auto syncs, either runs or non TR rides from Strava onto my TR calendar and although TR rides seem to show on Strava when I sign in via web no TR rides show on the iOS app. Weird.

I’ve done all the ride sync authority and the early adoption stuff and disconnected and reconnected several times to try to kick it into action. All to no avail.

It appears that strava image syncing is not working for me again. The ride syncs fine, but not the image. Anyone else having this issue?

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It seems a few folk are Missing TR images on Strava - TrainerRoad Software - TrainerRoad . I’ve not done my scheduled workout though :neutral_face:

+1 here for a ride this morning that synced to Strava but without the image.

No amount of re-clicking on ‘Re-sync Ride’ seems to make a difference.

I had it happen a few rides ago (so I took a pic and manually updated) but it worked in between.

Hey, all!

Just dropping @SarahLaverty’s troubleshooting steps for this [here] as well.
If those still don’t work, please let us know.

Hey everyone!

Update: There was a Strava outage from ~1pm pacific Monday to ~7am pacific yesterday that resulted in rides not syncing. Any athletes that completed rides during this time would’ve seen their TR workout sync to strava without the ride image.

We’re working on a way to resend the images for affected workouts, but in the meantime, you can apply the fix by following those same steps as advised above:

  1. Login to Strava and find one of your workouts that do not have the workout graph image.
  2. Delete the workout in Strava.
  3. Then find that completed workout in TrainerRoad from your Calendar.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and re-sync the workout to Strava using the Ride Sync button as shown below.


Something is off with Strava again. I did a workout this evening and it’s not syncing while all of my workouts including last night’s one were syncing fine.

Hey @Sirbikealot! Looking at the Strava incident history, there was a scheduled maintenance near the time of your ride last night.

Did you give those re-sync steps a shot to get your workout through?
If you go through those and still need a hand, let me know!

Edit: any rides during that Strava maintenance time should have been queued for re-sync! yay!

thanks @IvyAudrain . Looks like Strava retrieved it on their own since this morning my yesterday’s workout showed up in Strava on its own.