Anyone having issues with the Strava sync?

Workout yesterday hasn’t synced, re-syncing didn’t help; just getting the slowly blinking ‘Processing on Strava’ green light.

I just did an outdoor ride that hasn’t sync’ed from Strava to the TR calendar, so it seems to be broken in that direction too.

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Same. I disconnected and reconnected the Snyc with Strava and it seems to be working again.


Thanks - tried the ‘disconnect / reconnect’ thing, but didn’t seem to do anything. Odd.

I’m having issues with my Strava ride syncing as well.

Thanks, we’re looking into it now.


Thanks @Nate_Pearson! I never expected the CEO to look into this on a weekend :open_mouth:. The TrainerRoad team is truly the best.


Looks like Strava had an issue but it’s fixed now. All should be good in the world.


Everything looks good for me now. Thanks!

Thank you! It did work for me.

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EDIT: never mind - slow sync but now okay.

Looks like there’s a problem again since my Strava ride isn’t syncing to TR. What’s a reasonable amount of time to wait before just going ahead with a manual import?


Syncing takes a while with my ride also. Uploaded to Strava an hour ago and not visible in TrainerRoad yet

I’m sorry to hear about the slow sync times, I know that can be frustrating. The sync should tae place relatively quickly, but issues on the Strava servers and the interaction between ours can sometimes slow down more than it should.

I would recommend opening a dialogue with our Support Team at to see if there is anything that can be done to speed up your Ride Sync process :+1:.

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Just wanted to check if there is a known issue with outside rides from Strava taking a long time to sync to TrainerRoad. Posted a ride to Strava about an hour and a half ago and it’s still not showing up in my TrainerRoad calendar. Anyone else with issues?

yeah it was taking time for me too… impatient so i re-synced and it showed up.

Hmmm, like you deleted and re-uploaded the ride to Strava?

i disconnected & reconnected Strava and it worked

I don’t think it is just TR. Last few days Strava’s been slow to trigger IFTTT (when a ride uploads to Strava I have it turn off my fans). It does happen eventually , but I’ve normally manually turned them off already.

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There’s website
Everyone can check statust of Strava health.

nice link thanks