Symptoms of high stress day(s) after workout?

I workout and feel fine after afterwards, even fine the next morning/day but I keep getting throat issues 24-48 hours later - tightness, tenderness, dryness, like there’s a lump in my throat.

From doing some reading these are common symptoms of stress/anxiety - but I don’t have those things. I have practically zero stress and get a solid 8.5 hours of sleep each night and feel OK when I wake. The symptoms only ever happen after exercise - even though I am only training at low intensity, taking rest days and am sat at home all day relaxing outside of exercise.

I eat decent amounts of fruit and veg and other quality foods but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I assume cortisol is the issue so will try to incorporate more foods deemed to be low cortisol.

Anyone else experienced this, found any solutions (supplements, certain foods)?

I’ve already tried days/weeks off at a time but the issue always recurs.

The first thing that comes to my mind is cool air from the fan going straight to your face and throat when working out indoors.
You didn’t tell whether you do workouts on the trainer. Just wondering if that makes sense in your case.

I get the issue after running outside so it’s not that. My trainer is practically outside with how/where it’s used too.

I can do an easy run of <75% max heart rate of 30 minutes and be OK. But if I do that two days in a row I’ll probably start feeling it even though the runs felt easy.

Sometimes it ends up with mucus/indigestions/fatigue so it does feel like a ‘stress’ issue.

edit: just to note zero alcohol/smoking/minimal caffeine

I bet it’s allergies.

Also have similar issues / symptoms, additionally sinuses can feel tight. Freaked me out a little in the beginning, now i can differentiate these from a cold.

I have similar question hope its right place to ask.

I have just finished 12 weeks sweetspot base high volume and doing strength training twice a week. During second phase i sometimes had problem to sleep. I went to bed but could not sleep easly comparing with before.

So does it mean that the volume effect my sleep? I try to sleep 8-9 hours and i did. But my problem is starting my sleep. Thats why i wonder.

What’s your recovery from it like?

I tend to ease off and things pass in a few days but if I push on it can turn into a cold.

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Insomnia is a well know symptom of overtraining - I’ve definitely had it in the past.

I also find if I don’t do any exercise I sleep longer and feel more tired so it can be a balancing act.

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When i sleep and wake up in the morning, its ok actually. And i gained really good during my 12 weeks base period. Now i am in the first week of build. I kind of same problem. When i go to bed around 12.00 for exmp. I go to sleep 30-40 mins after and my deep sleep duration is a lot lower then before.

But next day i dont feel tired and can do the workouts without failure.

I just keep training and it goes away after a few days. Better / more sleep helps. Sorry that i cannot be more specific.

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What is the outside temperature typically when you feel this? If you live where it’s cold (45 F and below) the moisture in the air is quite low. Do not be fooled by relative humidity. The absolute humidity gets quite low.

The heavy breathing of dry air will dry out your throat and sinuses. This makes your body irritated and it produce a lot of mucus.

Also in the cold people tend to not drink enough water.

So try drinking more water (with electrolytes) and check out your home’s humidity. It makes a big difference to live (and especially sleep) in air that has proper humidity levels

I’ve experienced the precise thing as you describe. Even without life stress, training stress can cause these symptoms for me. I have found it to be worse when my volume is higher, or when I’m strength training and / or running alongside cycling.

Personally, I have just got used to the feeling now, and tend to be a bit more cautious with workouts when I get the feeling.

It’s good to hear I’m not the only one - I think I am looking for re-assurance more than anything else!

I’ve considered diet/air quality, sinuses water, etc. and there is nothing else I can try to fix - it always happens and at any time of year.

I’ve read a lot of overtaining and everything fits. At a completely random point post workout (when immune system as said to be at its weakest) I will get the lump in throat feeling and if I ignore it and still train I get fatigue, low mood, digestive issues and sometimes a heavy cold. I recover, slowly build up training again and the cycle repeats itself.

When I was training hard a few years back I had the throat issue permanently and would get worse symptoms every time I took a rest day.

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