40 years old, immune system of a 95 year old

When I do no training at all, I feel pretty good in terms of energy, sex drive and overall health. However…

…every time I do even the most modest amount of low intensity training I get sick -we’re talking a couple of days of very easy jogging for 25 minutes. It’s always a post nasal drip/dry throat issue. If I do a hard exercise session then it is absolutely guaranteed that 48 hours later I will either get a cold or feel like one is coming. I then get demotivated, do nothing, recover, get motivated and the cycle starts again.

This is not new - when I was cycling 200 miles per week a few years back I had constant sore/dry throat and got sick on almost every ‘off’ day but assumed it was diet related and persevered. Then I took a break for training and problems went away.

I’ve tried all sorts of diet changes, vitamin pills, sleeping more, etc. but it makes no difference. The only time I’ve been able to train regularly without issue was when I took 10 weeks off over summer - got up when I wanted, ran every morning, relaxed in the garden all ay - never sick. Now in a new job (office based, zero stress) I am back to minor sickness all the time.

I’ve read stacks of articles on this but none have helped, really hoping someone has some personal experiences here - like some sort of magic post workout concoction or something???


Sorry to hear that. I’ve never heard of such a problem. For me sports help me keeping healthier only if I get really cold or some heavy rain during outside workouts and don’t get proper worming and a bath immediately after I can be affected by but that’s not really because of the exercices.

Have you seen doctors?

this is more normally attributed to more intense exerciser but it could be HGH related.
If it is happening all the time I would consider visiting a doctors to rule out any underlying causes.

Also do you suffer allergies, as this could also my an allergic reaction?

after a big crash with my road bike, a car haven’t seen me, i was a coma patient for arround 6 month at age of 40, after that a rehab started , i needed a lot of medicine containing opiates, so my blood pressure goes higher and i began sweat after easy things and my weight increased very fast and my immune system was down for arround 3 years, a little bit similar to you description.

As soon as i din’t need any medicine (tabs and so) my health come back again, with age of 47 i started with running, with 48 i was able to ride again, now i do Duathlon Training as good as i can without any probs.

So you need a medicine daily that could be the trigger for that bad things?

i changed to Paleo Diet, it changed my live, really, i try to eat only good natural things!

anyway, what says a doctor, you need more medicine?

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As desperately as I need my exercise, I would be consulting with sports meds docs on this. Have you seen anyone?

Give us more information on your diet, stress levels (ALL stress, not just exercise), sleep habits, and whatever else. While this may be like Nate’s sinus issues, it may be a single trigger point with a med (as mentioned above). Has it always been this way? or it is new?