Modifying the 2h weekdays from High Volume Sweet Spot 2 plan


I’m currently doing the high volume sweet spot 1 and will be moving to the SS2 in the next few week, my problem is that I train very early in the morning and those mid week 2h sessions from HVSS2 means I need to get out of bed even earlier which I don’t really think I can.

My idea is to shorten the volume of those 2 mid week days that have a 2h wourkout to 1h30m each by reducing one on the workout version, so keeping roughly the same IF but lower TSS. I’ve then no problem adding the TSS at weekends as I have considerable more time for it.

Does this sound ok or should I really try to squeeze the 2 2h workouts at mid week?
How should I then handle the weekend? Increase +1 on the weekend workouts?


I’m the same, only at mid volume level, SSB1. It’s the 1.5 hour workouts I’ve the issue with - the “Saturday” workouts which I do on the Friday. So far I’ve used the -1 versions, as the intervals are the same, and upped the midweek endurance one to a 15 minute longer at same IF.

For the ones that the minus version drops an interval or modifies the interval (i.e. less over and unders per interval), I’ve used the workout creator to modify the version I’m supposed to do - essentially modifying the warm up, cool down and recoveries. First one of these on Friday, so I’ll see how that works out!

That will be fine. Don’t sweat too much over the TSS but if time allows at the weekend then there’s no harm in making it up then but its not the be all and end all.