Replacing plan days

I’m currently racing downhill and have finished my sweet spot and power build on low volume. I chose low volume as I also shuttle on Saturdays.

That shuttle usually equates to 6-8 full race pace downhill runs with plenty of mini sprinting sections.

Even on low volume, this has started to take it’s toll.

I’m currently set to start gravity specific program and have races upcoming starting April. I don’t want to burn out, so my question is can I replace one of the 3 workouts with my Saturday MTB ride? I have no power meter and it’s race training on specific courses, so I couldn’t follow a specific structured program. I’d just have my multiple runs each Saturday


Sure, that’s what a lot of people do.

Besides, for offroad riding, you have to train riding skills, and you can only do that outdoors. So that’s part of training. I heard that staring at your power numbers while doing isn’t advisable … :wink:


I ride a lot outside (probably too much) so what I do is to drop the middle session to an endurance one. I build the plan and add a ‘time off’ annotation for a Wednesday (my middle ride), and when Wednesday comes use Train Now. On recovery weeks I also let my commute replace one of the sessions. Occasionally if I am time crunched the commute replaces a HIIT session too.

FWIW Im usually

Mon - Off
Tues - HIIT
Wed - TN (Endurance)
Thu - HIIT
Fri - Off
Sat - Road group
Sun - Gravel group.

The fun will be when the lighter night’s start and my Wednesday chaingang (Paceline).


Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.

I’ve settled on a short powerbuild plan. I put some previous shuttle day activities into TR and they have a TSS of about 150-200, and the zones looks similar to the prescribed workouts.

This, I’ll switch the third and higher TSS workout out for my shuttle rides

My last question would be, how? Do I just ignore the scheduled ride, switch it to an outdoor workout (although I wont be able to follow anything) or do I delete the ride from my calendar.

Appreciate the help getting sorted. I’ve either just rode hard or powerlifted up and till now, and the amount of moving parts and new things I’ve had to figure out has surprised me. Cheers!

Like I was saying above when I do a TN session instead of a HIIT scheduled TR workout I add a time off annotation and label it ‘Endurance Day’ that blanks out the day and adapts the plan around it. In your case you could label it ‘Shuttle Rides’. Though alternatively you could just delete the TR workout and leave your shuttle rides. I wouldn’t try matching it to a structured outdoor work out as the system as it stands could give you progressions in areas you haven’t really progressed negatively affecting your ability to do actual TR sessions with the correct progress.

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Personally, I prefer to keep it simple… delete and just ride outside.

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Yeah, after playing around with the calendar etc, this is what I’m going to do. It doesn’t AI adjust the short power build after deleting all those rides, and my shuttle is probably similar if not more intense.

Cheers guys, appreciate it.