Switching plans

I picked a low volume build plan, but some days and weekends I have more time so I look at what the mid volume plan has for the same day and week, and then I’ll substitute. So frequently I’ll do the low volume workouts on the weekdays and mid volume on weekends.
Anyone else do this? Anyone see a downside?

It’s one if the reasons I’ve switched from The Sufferfest, while I like their strength and yoga training, it’s so annoying to change the workour calendar.

I’ve personally picked the mid volume for now, and do push around train training sessions if needed. I’m expecting my first kid in a few weeks and going to switch to low volumen by then and just flesh out the plan if I have the time and energy. Low volume is also great for summer, as it leaves you time for your group rides!

If anyone could share go to workouts to supplement your LV plans when you have time, I would also be quite interessted!

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I tend to use the low volume to allow outdoor rides as and when i can, and i can (almost) always get 3 sessions done a week regardless of my changing schedule but i have also used mid volume previously.

one thing that i think people don’t appreciate about the LV plans is that every workout is high intensity, there isn’t any moderate or easy days in there save for the recovery weeks and with that in mind i would stick to adding in Z2 work, especially if your adding in on the inbetween days.

i almost always just do a pettit variation, it’s the correct intensity and it’s the workout name that just happens to stick in my head and so easy to search for to add in but any of the workouts that appear in the recovery weeks should be perfect for adding in as additional workouts