Mid Volume - reducing some workouts, adding to others

I did search, and couldn’t find a relevant thread, but feel free to merge as I find it hard to believe it hasn’t been asked before!

I’ve spring goals for next year, so have just kicked off SSB1 MV. I’ve done mid volume the last few years, but following the plan has been my issue. Not so much skipping work or workouts, but adding in runs on what should be recovery days.

This time, my aim is to follow the plan as best as possible - if I have to swap out for a run, it will be an intensity day rather than the easy day. And to take the midweek off day as off (or at least just a walk). I’ll still swap out the Saturday workout for a group spin, when weather/ family allows (I’m on a Monday to Saturday schedule, so Saturday is the normal “Sunday” moderate workout)

My issue is that I can generally do the workouts up to 1:15, but 1:30 is a push due to work commitments. I plan on picking the -1 versions, which are generally the same intervals with less recovery, when they are 1:30. Then use the extend cooldown feature at 65% on my Monday and Wednesday workouts to make up the difference - i.e. 10 minutes at 65% on the end of both.

This should work, right?

That would be a good plan.

I do a low volume plan since I cannot fit a mid volume plan into my schedule. But I add workouts, group rides, and so on so I am in fact training at a volume near the mid volume plans.

Consider low volume instead.

The Saturday workout is the most important of every week. Can’t really swap that out for a group ride.

Also, the -1 rides do more than just remove cooldown. In many cases the intensity of the intervals are lower, and the intervals are shorter. Adding cooldown will not make up for the difference.

I’m not swapping the traditional Saturday ride. My Friday workout is the usual Saturday workout - I’ve scheduled my workdays as below…

Monday - Moderate
Tuesday - Easy
Wednesday - Moderate
Thiursday - Off
Friday - Difficult
Saturday - Moderate/ Group Ride
Sunday - Off

Swapping the “Saturday” for the group ride is one of the mistakes I’ve identified I’ve made previously. I’m happy to swap it out for the tempo/ sweet spot of the “Sunday” workout though. A compromise, but one I’m willing to make for the social aspect as well as the getting out aspect.

I considered Low Volume for the build phase, but I guess my issue hasn’t been, and isn’t going forward, the number of training days. I can do 1 and a quarter hour workouts before work, but even though it’s only 15 minutes, the hour and half is too hard to fit in without compromising sleep/ work/ family - those 15 minutes just tip it over the edge.

Similarly, while not all TSS is created equally, I’ve stood up to the TSS demands of mid volume. Taking a day easy or off has been my issue - running instead of the easy workout, or bike commuting which often has head winds home/ time pressures that make it not as easy as should be.

-1 versions is more often than not reduced recoveries, but yes, sometimes less work. Again, a compromise, but still more volume at intensity than the hour long low volume options.

Basically, I’m happy I can stick with 5 workouts a week, so it’s how to get the best return.

Okay I hear you now. Your schedule as written looks good.

I do the LV plan on the default days Tue, Thu, Sat, and ride outdoors on Sun. So almost the same thing minus your Tuesday endurance ride.

I mix it up a bit more. During the winter I do the mid volume plans, I sometimes drop the Wednesday workout, if my job is hectic. During the summer I do a low volume plan and ride outside on Sundays :slight_smile: