Rolling of training plan

I have 2 major Ultra races this year. 1 at the end of May, 180 km MTB (12-16 hours) and 1 at the end of September, 105km MTB (4-5 hours). I will be done with sustained power build the week before the 1st A race. I will then do Cross-Country Marathon. Post the CCM with 8 weeks to the 2nd A race. Should I repeat the CCM?

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What we generally recommend in this scenario is returning to the Build phase. Stacking two Specialty phases on top of each other won’t bring you the same training adaptations as returning to Build and increasing your FTP. So in your case, complete Sustained Build, race your first race and then do Cross-Country Marathon. With the remaining 8 weeks until your second race, we’d recommend returning to Sustained Power Build.

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