SwimSmooth App any good?

Anyone tried this app available on Apple and Garmin?

I’m trying it tomorrow, you get three free swims before paying a TR like subscription.

Reviewed here:

I’ve used the app with both my Garmin and Apple Watch and love it. They’ve incorporated a training plan function (similar to TR) which will generate a program for you based on the number of swims you want to do per week, current volume, etc. If you like the Swim Smooth approach then you will love the sessions - lot of tempo trainer, drills, etc.

If you have an Apple watch however, the swim dynamics are pretty neat. Will analyse your entry, catch, recovery and give you a score out of 5. Based on that analysis it will give you some drills to try and feedback. The app recommends switching wrists mid swim to ensure you get analysis on both arms. I haven’t done that (I have a Whoop strap as well - can never have too many gadgets ;)).

I think it’s a fantastic app and for $23 AUD per month, I think it would pair really neatly with TR.

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I tried it this morning, can’t see any analysis yet - do you have to do something beyond recording a swim?

A scratch that - insights have appeared, maybe it just needs some processing time.

Hey look, I’m mostly perfect! :sweat_smile:

I’m a really weak kicker so I’m surprised to be analysed as Kicktastic.

I do not know about the App, but I went to a Swim Smooth coach when I decided to be a proper swimmer for a while (Ex triathlete 2x Ironman, probably 50-60 tris of various lengths in past - though swim was how I found where I had parked the bike).

I went from crap/average to a decent 10km open water swim time in less than a year. Dramatically improved my stroke and efficiency, (and speed over time) both in the pool and in Open water.

I’ll be frank. the most useful part was having a coach walk alongside the pool, (whether in a drill or full stroke) stop me at the end, give me a correction and then watch to make sure I applied it. Whether in drills or in sets. get the right feel in, at each part of the stroke, which can be quite subtle, and then apply it. That and stroke rate exercises, which made an enormous difference to me.

Also recognising that my stroke style and physiology suited a particular style of Swinm Smooth strokeworked as well.

Question: Is the “App” as effecive and as flexible as a coach? Not sure. I’ll leave you to judge.


It was a few years ago now, but I had the book and found it very useful. I did their drills. If nothing else it made swimming more fun.

Really excited about this app and am anxiously waiting for the stroke analysis functionality to come to Garmin watches (as it’s currently only available on Apple watches). I reached out to SwimSmooth about a month ago to see if stroke analysis functionality is coming to Garmin watches—sounds like that is the plan but they didn’t have an ETA on that.

I’m half-tempted to pick up a used Apple Watch for swimming/using with this app if stroke analysis feature is legit.

Looking forward to more feedback from Apple Watch users who have tried the app!

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What’s a pool? What’s swimming?

A resident of Switzerland where the pools remain closed…

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Do hope it makes it’s way to Garmin but in my experience the Apple Watch is about 90% there. As previously noted - the stroke analysis is really useful. The app on the watch is super simple to use - just select your pool length and off you swim. No need to press buttons for laps - the watch will auto lap based on your turns and when you stop. And here is where there is a small issue (and Garmin watches with the new autolap function have this problem as well) - when you touch to finish a set, you need to pause/rest at least 5 or so seconds for the watch to note a stopped lap. The Swim Smooth website has some good pointers on this. Also there’s no drill function which is a bit of head scratcher given how drill heavy some of their sets can be. So if you’re doing a 6/1/6 drill or kicking the watch may not auto lap. You will end up with some inaccurate total lengths for a workout and if you have no problems with that then all good.
Hopefully as the app matures and they continue to develop they will sort this out - a really neat feature would be to load a workout from their site / app onto the apple watch and it simply prompts you through.

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I’ve been thinking about something to prompt about sets and things in a separate app, now there are quite a few swimming mp3 players. And combine it with metronomic beeps so you can hit a certain number of strokes per length (with a longer beep on the turn).

So basically you add the session to the app and it outputs an mp3 saying “4 times 200 drills off x” then starts the beeps.

Probably take less than a week to build it but need to finish my current work contract first (til middle of this month). If anyone is keen though I can knock together a rough prototype for them to try.

I think the word you are looking for is “chlorontined”. :smile:


Disclaimer - have not used but this looks interesting…

I got the impression that it can’t happen, although I can’t say exactly why. I get that they would like it to but the posts on SwimSmooth and CIQ all have a negative vibe to them. A bit like TR going to Apple Watch, I don’t think Garmin will get stroke analysis or “Insights” as they call it.

It’s frustrating because I had just decided to switch from Apple to Garmin, after five years with Apple they may finally be on the cusp of moving ahead of Garmin. :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

Thanks for the additional feedback—sounds like I shouldn’t hold my breath on the Stroke Analysis functionality coming to Garmin. I may just look for a deal on a used Apple Watch then.