Swim replacement workouts?

Longtime TR user but would like some input on swimming limitations. I am in the middle of my base phase of 1/2 distance triathlon plan right now. Im competing in the Florida 70.3 on April 19, 2020. I have a strange work schedule that really restricts when I can get in a swim. I am at work from 72-96 hours a week and this really limits pool time. I have access to a gym with a treadmill at both of my jobs, and can run and ride with my Wahoo Kickr at both places as well. I have access to a Concept 2 rower and my main job and would like to substitute my missed swim workouts on this instead of adding more bike or run time. Does anyone hav any idea what an equivalent workout duration would be on a rower for missed workouts. I know that there is no replacement for swimming, I get it but! I can’t just skip these and my schedule hinders this but if I can get a few sessions in place of the missed swims, I think that is better then just missing it all together. Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated.

Resistance bands are often suggested as an alternative. I don’t think the concept 2 rower would actually give you much swimming crossover - do they have the concept 2 ski-erg? That might be some help.

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Yep - I haven’t been a triathlete for a few years but when I was in the 90’s and 00’s then stretch chords were the thing to use - have been around in swimming for ages. Gym work will help as well but you can get a decent stretch chords workout in 15 minutes - attach them to the door handle securely (or they slip off and ping you in the face) and away you go - plenty of online advice on sessions to do. Lots of swimmers use them even when they have limitless pool time.