Sunday Long ride a swim integration

With the warm weather up here in Canada I wanted to start riding to my swim workouts.

Every Sunday I have a 1.5 hr swim and a long endurance ride. It takes about 1.5 hrs to ride to the pool. So I was thinking to ride to the pool go for my swim than ride home and add on to the ride home until I got to the required length of time for the endurance ride. So if it was a 4 hr ride I would ride 1.5 hr to the pool then right after the swim I would do a 2.5 hr ride. This is more like a brick workout.

Currently I drive to the pool do my swim drive home and then get on the trainer and do the ride.

thoughts?? Thanks for the feedback.

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If your swim workout is 1.5 hours of steady lengths /endurance intervals then it sounds good, as riding instead of driving always sounds good to me. But if you’re doing a massive mixed session with varying speeds, sprints and furious kick sets then I really wouldn’t be planning a long ride afterwards (or even a long walk, but I really do swim rather badly).

However, the first time you try it I’d not add on the “missing” hour. As you said, it’s similar to a big brick, so I’d try riding straight home the first time, see how I felt the next couple of days, then add on an hour next time if possible. Oh, and have a friend on standby to come a pick you up if you can’t make it… 1.5hour ride would be a long way from home.

Bear in mind as well that TR hasn’t yet integrated swim efforts into AT - so that you might not get exactly the right Progression Level “credit” for the split ride.

Go for it, I do this sometimes.